Teraflex TJ/LJ 4-6" Lift Dual-Rate Forged S/T Front Sway Bar System

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44.00 LBS


The TeraFlex TJ Dual Rate S/T Swaybar System is the most advanced manual swaybar disconnect system available. With the easy engagement knob you can go from street to trail in seconds! The dual rate S/T swaybar gives you the best of both worlds with two integrated torsion bars, one for heavy duty highway handling and one tuned for off-road articulation. When engaged in the "street" position it provides an extremely stable highway ride, and when disconnected the "trail" mode provides balanced vehicle control reducing body sway and lean in sidehill and off camber situations while simultaneously allowing the suspension to fully cycle and articulate. The swaybar arm features several link mounting points to fine tune the torsion rate. Engagement and disengagement of the swaybar is simple as a twist of the knob - and you are on your way. Fits all TJ Wrangler models with 4"-6" of lift. Note: Wheels must have 4.5” or less backspacing. 2012+ JKs - Need the vacuum pump relocation kit Part #4403100
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