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  • Powertank

    Powertank 10 Lb. Basic System

    If you want Power Tank Performance but you're on a compressor budget here's a starter system that is just as fast as the more expensive Power Tank Package Deals but without some of the frills. Add on accessories later as you can afford them. This is a...

    MSRP: $494.95
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  • Powertank

    Powertank 15 Lb. Basic System

    The PT-15 holds 50% more air than the PT-10. This is nice when you only have room or the budget for one tank. Instead of shooting 1500 #8D nails (10#) shoot 2300 #8D nails with this larger tank. The added capacity is more economical since the fill cost...

    MSRP: $549.94
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  • Powertank

    Powertank 20 Lb. Basic System

    This is the monster size Power Tank system for monster size air appetites. Do you run large tires (35" +) running higher pressures (40 - 80 PSI) that need airing up after a weekend on the dunes or do you have a team trailer that needs to keep your...

    MSRP: $537.44
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  • Powertank

    Powertank Monster Valve (Single)

    If you need that 5th Monster valve for your matching spare wheel then here's where you order it. With an aluminum body and collar and brass cap the total weight of each valve is a mere 1.1 oz. Due to its construction it is 5 times stiffer than a standard...

    MSRP: $37.44
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  • Powertank

    Powertank Trailhead Tire Deflators

    These are the BEST automatic tire deflators on the market. They are made from machined aluminum and then anodized. They are accurate to +/- 1 PSI and are completely rebuildable if they get dirty. I've owned a set for years and had to rebuild them once...

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