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Fort Worth, Texas

+1 (866) 713-2888

1320 Markum Gate Way, Suite 200, Fort Worth, TX 76126

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Stephen Scofield

Position: Build Specialist

Phone: (866) 713-2888 ext.120


About Stephen

Stephen is currently working his dream job here at Rebel off Road. We met Stephen in Daytona Beach, Florida at Jeep Beach 2016. He was running a Jeep Club in NJ that had a very successful yearly Christmas Toy Drive.

He decided to leave his job in 2019 to pursue a position as a Build Specialist here at Rebel Off Road. You might recognize his 2-Door Stretched Jeep Wrangler JK that we built last year @TheRebelJK (On Instagram). His Jeep is riding on 42 in tires with a 10in stretch and equipped with our Recon Dual Shock System, Halo LBR Roof Rack with front and rear Summit Series Bumpers.

Stephen now works as a Build Specialist for our new Fort Worth, Texas location.

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Evan Gage

Position: Marketing Director/ROE Production Manager/Road Show/Photographer

Phone: 866.900.8841 Ext. 105


About Evan

Evan first started in the shipping and warehouse department in 2015, but quickly worked his way up. He was our shipping manager for 6 months but when the marketing position became available, his previous work experience made him a great candidate for the job. He's worked as a professional photographer in the wedding and lifestyle photography industry since 2009.

He's used one of his best assets, his love of learning new skills, and has become a student of videography/post production editing and our drone pilot. If you're not reading Evan's posts on our social media, you'll see him at all our events across the country. He heads up our events making sure everything goes smoothly.

Evan has also taken great pleasure in working with Bond, on building and designing our shop vehicles. The past three SEMA builds (Jeep JK- Jeep JL -Jeep JT), Evan has had an important role in bringing those vehicles to fruition. It's become one of his most passionate aspects of working at Rebel.

Showing a desire to take on new projects, Evan and his family have made the move to the Fort Worth, Texas shop in 2024 to head up on Rebel Engineering Division and assist with the marketing efforts there. He's also continuing his role as our Marketing Director for the CA shop from his new home in Texas.