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Tepui Outdoors

Tepui Outdoors

Tepui Outdoors

Tepui Outdoors Inc. started in 2010 while its founders were trekking in Venezuela. During their journey, they came across hundreds of rooftop tents used by local campers, road trippers, and fellow outdoor enthusiasts. Inspired by this adventure, they came up with the idea to introduce rooftop camping to a broader audience designed to make it easier for more people to get outside and explore.

In December of 2018, the Thule Group announced the acquisition of Tepui Outdoors Inc. The combination of Thule’s industry-leading rack systems and accessories with rooftop tents made Tepui the perfect addition to Thule’s adventure camping portfolio.

For over 75 years, our focus has been on developing smart, stylish products that, in turn, are environmentally conscious, high quality, safe, and easy to use. Wherever you’re going, wherever your journey takes you, Thule is dedicated to creating products to help you bring everything important along the way.

Whether it’s exploring scenic views beyond the trail map with friends and family or enjoying the quiet solitude of the desert in your mobile basecamp, we share your passion for enjoying an active life outdoors. We want you to spend more time pursuing your passions and less time worrying about how to bring it all with you.

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