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BARTACT 2007-2014 Jeep Wrangler JK Seat Covers Front Pair

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Unlike any others on the market, we keep our military production background in mind. All of our seat covers are not only built to last with the highest grade waterproof-backed polyester, but they also have a unique storage design implemented.

100% Made in the U.S.A.

Another benefit of our seat covers is the fit and feel. Unlike many others, because of our expertise derived from military background, we are able to create the most near-perfect fit designed to look and feel like a re-upholstered seat. Finally, while others may offer a one year anti-fade material, ours is guaranteed not to fade for 3 years minimum.
  • Each front seat cover set comes with two medium bags that attach to the rear of the seats.
  • Each cover also has a full zippered rear pocket AND a full zippered front pocket.
  • The covers also have an interior sleeve which can accommodate a lumbar support (available)

If I get JK seat covers for 2007-2010 and I decide to get a newer JK (2011-2012), will the seat covers still fit?
YES! The seat covers are the same for JK's from 2007-2012. However, they do have different headrests. New headrests can be ordered at additional cost.

Do you offer seat covers for seats with internal air bags?
At this time, we aren't making the seat covers compatible for seats with internal airbags. There is no guarantee that there is enough pressure for the air bag to deploy and have enough power to go through the stitching on the actual seat, and then also get through a flap of some sort on our seat covers. It just creates a lot of liability, and we don't want to cause any issues in case of an accident. Trust me, we would love to do this, but without a lot of testing like we do for our other military seats, it is something that can take a lot of time to insure everything is done perfectly. I know some other manufacturers offer seat covers for those seats with internal air bags, but if you end up going that route, please make sure they have done testing (and ask for the written results) to make sure the air bags will still deploy without any issues.

Rear bench cover available here:

Each bench cover set has a bag attachment system on the rear Each bench cover set comes with one large attachable storage bag

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