FACTOR 55 Winch Lock

Non Stocking Item- Lead Times Vary Based On Availability
1.00 LBS


The winch lock bolt is a custom 3/8-16 precision security bolt made from 1045 carbon alloy steel heat treated to Grade 5 yield strength. The key patterned head bolt is proprietary and the matching key is not available at your local retail hardware store. The winch lock bolt cannot be removed with ordinary screw drivers, pliers, or commonly sold security bits. Simply substitute one of your winch mounting bolts with the “Winch Lock” bolt and your winch is protected – simple!
Fits all winches with standard 3/8 -16 mounting hardware- shank length 1.25 inches
  • Made from heat treated 1045 carbon steel, zinc chromate corrosion protection
  • Proprietary security key pattern
  • Hidden spring lock washer pocket ensures gapless installation
  • 60 degree head taper to prevent removal with pliers
  • Simple fail proof design : no clumsy traditional key mechanisms to corrode/fail
  • Special coded security key allows for both end, and side access
FACT - Every 27 seconds a vehicle is being vandalized or stolen in the USA. Don’t get ripped off!- protect your investment! Why spend hundreds of dollars on your winch or expensive bumper and not lock it down? Second only to wheels and tires, the winch is the most common stolen item from your 4X4. WHY GAPLESS? All Factor 55 precision security fasteners possess a unique gapless locking feature that prevents the fastener or nut from loosening due to vibration. The gapless technology is an exclusive machined groove under the head of the fastener that hides a split lock washer when clamped down. The fastener head sits right down on the clamping surface without revealing a gap or edge for the would be thief to clamp with pliers or other tools. Simple and effective.

Remove any one of your standard winch mounting bolts from bumper/winch, install locking nut.

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