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Currie Extreme 60 - Jeep JL Wrangler Rear Crate Axle

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The Extreme 60 high-pinion rear crate axle is the strongest 60 series axle that we offer, designed for severe off-road use with up to 40-inch tires and V8 conversion horsepower

Extreme 60 Features:

  • High-Pinion Design With Ring Gear Load Bolt
  • High-Clearance Radius Bottom Center Section
  • Low-Friction Hardened Steel Skid Plate
  • Desert Racing Inspired Full-Floating Hub Assemblies
  • Full-Floating 35-Spline 4340 Chromoly Axles
  • Large 13.5 in. Brake Rotors
  • 6 or 8-Lug Wheel Bolt Patterns


The Extreme 60 high-pinion crate axle for the 2018 and newer Jeep JL Wrangler, is a complete bolt-in axle assembly with all required brackets and mounts in place. The vehicles factory driveshaft will require modification or replacement to accommodate the larger 60 series housing and 1350 series u-joint


Built to the legendary Currie Standard with features including:

  Extreme 60 high-pinion nodular iron center section is the strongest 60 series casting we offer, with heavier main caps, ARP® main bolts, and additional reinforcement in critical areas
Load Bolt   Ring gear load bolt (top left) eliminates gear deflection, to dramatically increase torque handling capacity. The load bolt typically sits .002 inch from the ring gear and only touches when extremely high torque loads are applied
  The Extreme 60 high-pinion radius bottom center section delivers unmatched ground clearance, and improved obstacle slide-over by presenting a smooth curve rather than the sharp edge found on other 60 housings
  Replaceable AR400 hardened steel skid plate resists deformation and gouging to slide over obstacles far better than iron housings or mild steel plates
  Large diameter outer pinion bearing (right) is designed for the demands of reverse rotation/high pinion housings. Stock low pinion bearing (left)
  High volume flow-thru recirculating oil system keeps pinion bearings bathed in cool oil, reducing operating temperatures and eliminates oil starvation issues
  Large 3.5-inch diameter .375 wall axle tubes (left) are three times stronger than the stock JK Dana® 44 (right) without being overweight or sacrificing ground clearance
  Desert racing-inspired chromoly spindles and billet steel full-floating hubs carry the weight of the vehicle, eliminating the influence of side loading and impact shock on axle durability. Safety is improved as the wheel and brake remain in place and fully functional in the rare event of an axle failure
35-Spline Full-Floating Axles   Full-Floating 35-spline chromoly axles provide superior strength and durability over standard semi-float alloy axles
  Includes new 13.50 inch rotors with the selected bolt pattern and machined for full-float hub clearance. Calipers, backing plates, and e-brake are OEM direct fit, making service parts easy to find
  Currie nodular iron front cover protects expensive internals and adds structural support to the housing's face flange for increased rigidity
  Heavy-duty 3/16 inch brackets feature multiple mounting options for adjusting suspension geometry to accommodate a range of vehicle lifts
Powder Coat   Black satin powder coat finish adds long-lasting protection against rust and corrosion to keep your Extreme 60 looking its best



ABS Sensors - Does not include ABS sensors, the factory sensors from the stock axle must be retained and installed on the Currie housing

Computer Programming - 2012 and newer vehicles require a computer programmer, such as the AEV ProCal Module to reset the gear ratio and tire height in the vehicle's computer for proper function of the vehicles stability control and transmission shift points

Brake Components - Includes new 12-inch JK rear rotors with 5 on 5 1/2 bolt pattern and machined for hub clearance Calipers, backing plates and e-brake assembly are OE direct fit

Wheel Bolt Pattern - 6 on 5 1/2 inch pattern includes 1/2 inch diameter studs, 8 on 6 1/2 inch pattern includes 9/16 inch diameter studs

Overall Width - Axle width is 70 inches (+4.6 inches over stock width) between wheel mounting surfaces, provides increased tire clearance for large tires

Wheel and Tire Size - Requires 17-inch or larger wheels for proper brake caliper clearance. Maximum recommended tire size is 40-inches

Differential Carriers - Carriers provided by Currie for the Extreme 60 are turned down to 8.300" O.D. for load bolt clearance. If a standard O.D. carrier is installed the load bolt must be backed out to prevent damage


Vehicle Fitment Extreme 60 high-pinion nodular iron radius bottom center section with thicker walls and webbing
Bearing Caps Increased cross section nodular iron caps secured with ARP® fasteners
Pinion Bearing Large diameter front pinion bearing matched to rear bearing
Pinion Oiling High volume flow-thru recirculating oil system
Gear Set Dana 60™ reverse rotation thick gear sets (compatible with super 60 reverse cut gears)
Differential Carrier High speed differential carriers (designed for low numerical gears) are used, enabling the use of stronger thick ring gears for all gear ratios. Carrier outside diameter is turned down to 8.30 inches for load bolt clearance
Ring Gear Load Bolt Eliminates ring gear deflection under heavy load (3/4"-16 right hand thread with Jam nut)
Pinion Yoke 1350 u-joint
Skid Plate AR400 hardened steel skid plate
Differential Cover Currie nodular-iron cover with gasketed fill plug with dipstick, Red
Axle Tubes 3.5 inch diameter. .375 wall DOM tubing
Axles Currie Performance full floating 35-spline (1.5” diameter) 4340 heat treated chromoly
Floater Spindle Currie Performance 2.5" 4140 Chromoly spindle, supports 35 or 40-spline axles
Floater Hub Currie Performance hubs with 35-spline drive flanges, tone rings installed for ABS and ESP retention
Brake Calipers New OE fitment Rubicon calipers and brake pads
Brake Rotors OE Fitment JL rotors drilled for the selected 6 or 8 lug pattern with center boar clearanced for full-float hub
Suspension Brackets Heavy gauge 3/16” steel mounting brackets with multiple mounting locations that enable the suspension geometry to be tuned
Geometry Optimized for 4” lift kits with 5 degrees of pinion angle to reduce driveshaft angle
Width 70” wide (between wheel mounting surfaces), enables increased clearance for 37 inch and larger tires
Wheel Bolt Pattern 6 lug (6 on 5 ½") with 1/2" studs installed or 8 lug (8 on 6 ½") with 9/16 studs installed
Finish Black satin powder coat

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