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Currie LP60 Low Pinion Rear Axle, 68 inch, Jeep Wrangler JL

Approx 14-18 weeks
1.00 LBS
  • Currie LP60 Low Pinion Rear Axle, 68 inch, Jeep Wrangler JL
  • Currie LP60 Low Pinion Rear Axle, 68 inch, Jeep Wrangler JL


The Currie LP60 rear axle for the Jeep Wrangler JL is the perfect direct bolt-in upgrade for multi-purpose commuters, Overlanders, and tow vehicles that also see off-road use. The LP60 features efficient low-pinion 60 gears, large 3.5-inch diameter axle tubes, and 40-spline axles to provide a massive upgrade in strength and reliability over the stock JL rear axle assembly. Additionally, the LP60 retains the factory wheel bolt pattern so that you can keep those nice wheels.


  • Direct Bolt-in Fit for Wrangler JL
  • 68 in. JL Rubicon Width (+1.5 in. Over Non-Rubicon Models)
  • Heavy-Duty Low-Pinion Cast Center Section
  • 3.5 x .375-inch Axle Tubes are Twice the Strength of the Stock Tubes
  • Currie Extreme 40-Spline Axles
  • Choice of Selectable Locker and Gear Ratio
  • Currie Heavy-Gauge Laser Cut Brackets
  • Pinion Angle Optimized for Stock Height up to 4" of Lift
  • Currie Rock-Proof Nodular Iron Differential Cover
  • Upgraded 1350 Pinion Yoke
  • Satin Black Powder Coat for Long Lasting Protection
  • Retains Stock 5x5” Wheel Bolt Pattern
  • Retains the Factory JL Sport/Sahara or Rubicon Rear Brake Components

The Currie LP60 low-pinion rear axle for the 2018 and newer Wrangler JL is a direct bolt-in axle assembly with all required brackets and mounts in place. The vehicle's factory brakes will be retained and installed on the new LP60 axle. The factory driveshaft will require modification or replacement to accommodate the larger 60 series housing and 1350 series u-joint. 


Currie LP60 Features:

The low-pinion design provides improved gear strength and durability over the stock rearend  for demanding activities such as Overlanding and towing heavy loads
Large 3.5 in. diameter x .375 in. wall axle tubes (left) are more than 2 times stronger than the stock axle tubes (right)
40-spline semi-floating axles (right) are the largest and strongest standard axle offering in the industry. Stock JK axle (left)
Axles feature the factory 5x5 wheel bolt pattern, so you can keep those nice wheels
Laser Cut Brackets Heavy-duty laser-cut brackets are positioned to achieve the proper pinion angle for vehicles ranging from stock height up to 4" of lift.
Powder Coat Black satin powder coat finish adds long-lasting protection against rust and corrosion to keep your Currie 60 looking its best


Vehicle Fitment 2018 and newer Jeep Wrangler JL Sport/Sahara and Rubicon
Center Section Currie LP60 nodular Iron low-pinion center section
Gear Set Standard Dana 60™ low-pinion
Pinion Yoke 1350 u-joint
Differential Cover Currie nodular-iron cover with gasketed fill plug with dipstick, Red
Axle Tubes 3.5 in. diameter x .375 in. wall DOM tube
Axle Bearings Set 80 tapered roller bearing
Axles Currie Performance semi-floating, 40-spline (1.7” diameter) axles with tone rings for ABS/ESP retention
Brake Rotors Not included, reuses the stock JL Sport/Sahara or Rubicon rear rotors
Brake Calipers Not included, reuses the stock JL Sport/Sahara or Rubicon calipers
Suspension Brackets Heavy gauge 3/16” steel mounting brackets
Geometry Optimized for stock height up to 4” of lift
Width 68-inches between wheel mounting surfaces (stock JL Rubicon width)
Wheel Bolt Pattern 5 on 5 inch with 14 MM studs (standard Wrangler JL pattern)
Finish Black satin powder coat

ABS Sensors: The stock axle must be retained and installed on the Currie housing

Brake Components: Retains the stock rear disk brake rotors or calipers; mounting brackets are designed to reuse the stock rotors and calipers from the vehicle.

Wheel and Tire Size: 17-inch or larger wheels are required for proper clearance of the brake calipers. The maximum recommended tire size is 39-inches for semi-floating axles.

Overall Width: Axle width is 68-inches (JL Rubicon stock) between wheel mounting surfaces

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