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XPLOR Bed Rack Spare Tire Mounting Kit (Top Mount), 36-48" Tire

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16.00 LBS


Looking to mount a full size spare tire on top of your bed rack? Look no further- This combination of curated parts will secure your spare tire to the top of your bed rack easily, using a Speed Strap Y strap, and a eye bolts, which can be bolted into your XPLOR bed racks top channels, and front cross bar with ease. 

Simply bolt the eye bolts to your XPLOR bed racks top chanels, and position your full size spare tire where it looks bed (centered or forward on the bed rack). Once your desired location has been acheived, tighten your eye bolts using the provided washers and nylock nuts. Connext your Y strap, adjust the length of your straps to your tire size/width. Rathet tight and securely.

A cable lock from any local hardware store can be soursed, and locked to either your bed rack, or tie downs in your bed for security.

Package Includes

1X Y Strap w/ swivel hooks

3X Eye Bolts w/ Shoulders

3X M10 Shoulder Nylock Nuts

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