RPM Steering

RPM Steering JL/JT Dynatrac 72.5" Axle Steering Kit

45.00 LBS
$1,049.99 - $1,179.97


2.5 Ton JL/JT Dynatrac 72.5" Axle 2" Aluminum Steering Kit

This kit moves the tie rod under the knuckle captures and REQUIRES DRILLING
Kit includes 2 taper sleeves for new tie rod location
Massive 2'' solid USA made 7075 T6 cold finish aluminum link with hexed ends for easy adjustments
1.25" forged TREs
Anti-flop ends built-in (excludes pitman arm joint)
Serrated Belleville washers (included)
Tie rod and drag link included in the kit
Drag link flip option
Requires drilling the tie rod location for the knuckles.
Select stock location for up to 4.5" lift.
For lifts higher than 4.5", we recommend a flip kit.

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