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Rock-Slide Engineering Step Sliders, Jeep JL 2 Door

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150.00 LBS
  • Rock-Slide Engineering Step Sliders, Jeep JL 2 Door - BD-SS-300-JL2
  • Rock-Slide Engineering Step Sliders, Jeep JL 2 Door - BD-SS-300-JL2
  • Rock-Slide Engineering Step Sliders, Jeep JL 2 Door - BD-SS-300-JL2
  • Rock-Slide Engineering Step Sliders, Jeep JL 2 Door - BD-SS-300-JL2


Rock Slide Engineering’s newly designed 3rd Generation Step Slider for the Jeep Wrangler JL 2 Door is next level.

This fully functional, trail rated, rock slider is integrated with a power step for easy access for all demographics. An additional 2 inches on the back end of the step has been added to this generation for better, safer access to the rear door. Our engineers have incorporated smart motor technology and eliminated the gas strut from the internals of the step to increase the motor longevity. This improvement will keep your step deploying and retracting consistently, even in cold and harsh weather. A sleep mode has been built in to minimize battery drainage. The slider provides protection for the rocker panel on your Jeep. The step will deploy a full 12 inches down from the body of the Slider when the door is opened. After closing your door, the step will automatically retract and sit flush with the body of the step slider.

Our Step Slider is made of 10-gauge steel construction. We use a state-of-the-art automated powder coat system to acid etch the raw base material in preparation for the textured black topcoat. The internals of the step slider are made of stainless steel and aluminum to prevent rusting. This plug and play system is designed to utilize the factory mounting points for a no-drill installation. It uses a stand-alone wire harness, so no splicing or rewiring on your Jeep is necessary. This will allow you to retain your manufacturer warranty after installation.

The Step Slider is rated for moderate off-road conditions. More aggressive trails require the additional skid plate for the step slider to provide further stability and protection. For more information and related products, please view below!


  • Fully Functional Step and Rock Slider
  • Smart Motor
  • Factory Mounting Location
  • No Drilling Required
  • Automated Deploy and Retraction of the Sep
  • Use of Original Equipment from Manufacturing
  • Powder Coat: Textured Black
  • 3/16” Steel
  • Stainless Steel and Aluminum Internals
  • Made in the USA.

JL Wrangler Unlimited (2-door).


  • Both Driver and Passenger side Step Slider
  • Complete Stand-alone wire harness
  • Magnetic Door Sensors
  • Additional Mounting Hardware
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty on Powder Coat and Electrical Components

Install Time:
3 hours

  • Functional step incorporated into a functional rock slider that deploys when the door is opened.
  • Trail rated to 5 and below. Trails 5 and above require additional Skid Plates (AX-SS-SP-JL4 Sold Separately)
  • Step can hold up to 650 LBS and feature a 12" drop when deployed.
  • CNC laser cut from 11 gauge steel.
  • Full pinch seam protection.
  • Made in the USA.
  • Powder coated textured black.
One of our biggest questions we often hear is all about our Step Slider and if they are off-road capable.
Yes! That is what we had them built and designed for. They function as perfectly capable sliders when the step is in the closed position. The motors can be submerged and the lights are waterproof. All the connectors are waterproof. They function between -40 degrees and 120 degrees. They may slow down at lower temperature but will still function how they should! They have been tested in Moab in the heat and rocks along with Northern Utah at the manufacture facility where the temperature can hit -30 degrees.?
Do I have to cut into the jeep wiring system at all?
Nope! We wanted to keep the jeep and truck computer independent of our system so we send out our own little sensors you will install on your door along with our own small computer and wiring harness. The sensors are actuated with magnets you stick on your door so when they open the steps then deploy, and then when you shut the door they come back up in.
I want to go rock crawling but don’t want my step to deploy. What do I do?
Easy! We send each and every step slider unit out with a little ¾” rocker on/off switch. Simply switch this to the off position when off-roading and this will turn the system off. If they do deploy our computer will detect if something is below them and stop so the motors don’t get damaged. This works going up also. If something gets stuck the system will shut off to prevent injury to you and itself!
How hard are they to install and how long is the install time?
The only challenging part is marking the holes and installing the nutserts. Everything else is straightforward and we send out a detailed step by step instruction manual you can follow. We normally recommend the install time to take between 4-5 hours the first time. Some may take longer because they are double and triple checking everything, but installers can do this within 4 hours. Shop rates may differ however.
Do your front bumpers or Step Sliders come with lights?
The lights are optional. They do not come with the lights installed, but they are sold separately.They are a simple plug and play option which makes installing them extremely simple.
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