Ikamper Skycamp 3.0 Rooftop Tent, 4 Person RTT

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  • Ikamper Skycamp 3.0 Rooftop Tent, 4 Person RTT
  • Ikamper Skycamp 3.0 Rooftop Tent, 4 Person RTT
  • Ikamper Skycamp 3.0 Rooftop Tent, 4 Person RTT
  • Ikamper Skycamp 3.0 Rooftop Tent, 4 Person RTT
  • Ikamper Skycamp 3.0 Rooftop Tent, 4 Person RTT
  • Ikamper Skycamp 3.0 Rooftop Tent, 4 Person RTT
  • Ikamper Skycamp 3.0 Rooftop Tent, 4 Person RTT
  • Ikamper Skycamp 3.0 Rooftop Tent, 4 Person RTT
  • Ikamper Skycamp 3.0 Rooftop Tent, 4 Person RTT
  • Ikamper Skycamp 3.0 Rooftop Tent, 4 Person RTT
  • Ikamper Skycamp 3.0 Rooftop Tent, 4 Person RTT
  • Ikamper Skycamp 3.0 Rooftop Tent, 4 Person RTT
  • Ikamper Skycamp 3.0 Rooftop Tent, 4 Person RTT
  • Ikamper Skycamp 3.0 Rooftop Tent, 4 Person RTT
$4,199.99 - $4,499.99


The Ikamper Skycamp 3.0 is the newest edition of Ikampers award-winning roof top tent family. Every element of its design has been improved based on feedback from the RTT community. From upgraded zippers to reengineered locking latches and refining the aerodynamic hard shell for even more bedding storage inside. All that remains is deciding where your next adventure will be.

4-Season Rated
Constructed with breathable, high-density poly-cotton canvas, waterproof zippers and rainfly, convertible windows, and insulating mattresses to reduce condensation. Designed to keep you dry and comfortable in every season.

100% Waterproof
Every rainfly is made of fully waterproof ripstop polyester to keep you dry in unpredictable weather.

Camp in Comfort
Get up off the ground and camp like never before. This spacious roof top tent has expansive windows and high-density, polyfoam mattresses so you can enjoy every moment.

Convenient Storage
Spend less time making your bed, and more time enjoying it. This roof top tent is designed to store down sleeping bags and pillows inside, even when the tent is closed.

Easy to Install
Patented, universal mounting hardware included.

Effortless Setup
Forget about fussing with tent poles. This tent sets up in 3 minutes or less.

New Features iKamper introduced in Skycamp 3.0 RTT:

  • Exterior Design and Fabric Changes Colors are now Dark Gray and Black with PFC-FREE Processed, Black Pigmented and UV Coated 75D RIPSTOP Rainfly
  • Interior Design and Color Changes (The world map graphic and mattress cover are also now dark gray)
  • Hardshell Lock Improvements Easier, quicker, and more secure locking method for closed tent. Locking latches now have hooks on the side of the hardshell in lieu of the bottom of the tent. This makes closing the tent much easier when mounted to flat rack systems like the Rhino-Rack Pioneer Platform or the Front Runner Slim Line II. 3.0 latches also offer adjustability.
  • Mattress Updates Innovative 9-zone mattress that is 44% thicker than the 2.0 series. iKamper developed the first 6.5 cm thick 9-zone mattress with an integrated insulating pad in the roof top tent market. (Mattress terminology check: "9-zone mattresses" provide various levels of support to different areas of the body for maximum comfort)
  • Windows Can be converted from roll-up to quick-opening system using straps inside the tent
  • Tension Pole Brackets are improved for higher durability and detachability of HC ladder. Side Tension Pole Brackets are improved for easier installation and higher durability.
  • Screw Cover Caps are included to prevent wear and tear to rainfly and inner tent.
  • Tension Pole Pocket Tension Pole Pocket is attached on the entrance to keep the poles in place when not in use.
  • 3.0 Enable installation on wider range of cross bar widths. Using the wrench provided, the user can reach the brackets from the side of the roof for installation.
  • Badge Update iKamper logo on the front of the tent is now a matte metal texture
  • Improved Anchor Point for Elastic Band used to keep rainfly taught
  • Two new passthrough rubber grommets to easily run electrical wires in and out of the tent (1 passthrough located on foldout extension floor panel, rear side of tent. 1 passthrough located on driver's side rear of main floor panel)
  • All zippers are upgraded to YKK zippers, which have higher quality and durability.
  • Updated Accessory Rail Track to mount accessories under extension panel

iKamper Skycamp Signature Features

  • Set up & pack up in less than a minute!
  • Expanding fold-out floor design enables maximum sleeping space packed into minimal roof top footprint
  • Ladder rungs are level to the ground when the ladder is extended to its proper 30° angle, making it more comfortable and safer to climb up, even without shoes on.
  • Leave your sleeping gear inside the tent. It's always ready right where you need it! Simply push your pillows and sleep set up toward the hinge side of the tent before closing the expandable floor.
  • Triple layer windows including clear vinyl, mesh screen, and a polyester outer layer that can be extended using the provided poles to make canopy windows. Instantly convert your windows to suit the light and weather conditions at hand.
  • A World Map graphic on the fabric inside the roof of the tent.
  • Waterproof zippers and fabric that has withstood extensive wind tunnel and water testing.
  • Poly-Cotton Canvas Fabric is breathable (reduced condensation) and insulates very well. You won’t get as hot on a warm days nor as cold when it is chilly.
  • Compatible with optional accessories including SolarHawk solar panel, awnings, storage solutions, and annex rooms
  • Skyview Window: fall asleep looking up at the stars. Or zip closed a canvas panel if the moonlight disturbs you!

iKamper Skycamp v3.0 Dimensions and Weight

Dimensions (Closed): 55.1 x 85.4 x 13.0"
Dimensions (Open): 129.5 x 101.2 x 48.0"
Mattress Dimensions: 77.1 x 82.7 x 2.6"
Mattress Thickness: 2.6"
Weight: 163.1 lb (74 kg)
Weight Capacity: 900 lbs
Sleeping Capacity: 4 people
Warranty: 2 years / 3 years extended

Two Shell material options for your iKamper Skycamp 3.0 Roof Top Tent:

  • Standard Fiberglass Shell (Glossy Black)
  • Strong, light weight, high-gloss, and aerodynamic- fiberglass has been the go-to shell material for hard shell roof top tents for decades
  • The fiberglass shell of the Skycamp 3.0 is constructed of dual layers of fiber-reinforced plastic, with a thin layer of air trapped between the double layers of the shell. The double-wall shell design offers superior insulation, which reduces condensation and keeps your tent more comfortable
  • Each shell is hand inspected for flaws before shipping
  • Line-x Coated Fiberglass Shell (Rocky Black)
  • Line-x is a durable, long-lasting, spray-on protective coating that is often used for bed-liners of trucks and utility vehicles.
  • Provides matte black finish
  • Helps protect your Skycamp 3.0 Roof Top Tent from scratches and impact damage during off-road driving through overhead brush.
  • Line-x provides UV-protection insuring that the fiberglass shell is protected from long term exposure to possibly harmful UV-rays.

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