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Genesis Dual Battery Kit, 2021+ Jeep Wrangler JL Diesel & 392

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  • Genesis Dual Battery Kit, 2021+ Diesel & 392 Jeep Wrangler JT
  • Genesis Dual Battery Kit, 2021+ Diesel & 392 Jeep Wrangler JT
  • Genesis Dual Battery Kit, 2021+ Diesel & 392 Jeep Wrangler JT
  • Genesis Dual Battery Kit, 2021+ Diesel & 392 Jeep Wrangler JT


The Genesis dual battery system for the 2020+ Jeep Wrangler diesel and 392 is a game-changing upgrade for any off-road enthusiast. This powerful system allows you to run all of your electronics, such as lights, winches, and fridges, without draining your main battery.

With a fully sealed and waterproof design, the Genesis dual battery system is built to withstand the toughest conditions. It's easy to install, with a straightforward wiring process that can be completed in as little as one hour.

The Genesis dual battery system is also compatible with a wide range of aftermarket accessories, including solar panels, inverters, and more. And with a heavy-duty construction, it's sure to stand the test of time and provide reliable power for all of your off-road adventures.

So if you want to take your Jeep Wrangler to the next level, the Genesis dual battery system is the perfect choice. Upgrade today and never worry about running out of power on the trails again!

Componenets included
Diesel Gladiator dual battery system

  • Adjustable Battery Brackets for securely mounting a wide range of battery sizes under the back seat.
  • Base brackets for securing the Adjustable Battery Brackets
  • Universal Gen 3 Power Hub with smart battery combiner, 13' of positive 2ga cable with 600 amp fuse to connect to the cranking battery, and 32" of 2ga ground cable.
  • Base brackets for securing the Power Hub
  • Limits how far the rear seat can recline to protect the Power Hub from damage.

Gen 3 Power Hub

Genesis Offroad launched the first completely integrated, easy to install dual battery system for the Jeep Wrangler in 2013. Never satisfied with 'good enough', we have listened to customer feedback and refined our dual battery system to be even better suited to meet the demands of today's off road vehicles and their drivers.

Our purpose remains the same - to allow you to enjoy your aftermarket electrical accessories without worrying about draining down your cranking battery. Even if your cranking battery gets too low to start the engine, simply press a button to jump start from your second battery. Gone are the old days of reading wire schematics to figure out how to add a second battery to your vehicle with a manual selector switch or isolator device. Genesis dual battery kits are completely pre-wired for you out of the box for easy installation. No wire strippers or crimpers required!

Battery Options:

  • Requires one accessory battery, any brand, of the same type as the cranking battery, sold separately.
  • Battery must be approximately 6.8" DEEP for the brackets to securely hold them in place
  • We recommend using high quality AGM batteries
  • Traditional wet lead acid batteries are NOT recommended
  • Lithium batteries may be used ONLY if the cranking battery is also lithium. Do not mix battery types.
  • Note the stock cranking battery may be used as long as the new accessory battery is of the same type.
  • The largest battery that will fit under the Wrangler's back seat is a Group 27F (100 Ah)
  • The group 31 size will not fit under the Wrangler's back seat because the posts will bump the seat brackets


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Warranty Information

How can I hook up solar panels? Most people want to use solar panels to be able to run their accessories for as long as possible with the engine off. You can connect the solar charge controller directly to our power and ground bus bars. The solar charge will go into your aux battery first to replace the power used by your accessories. As long as the panel is big enough to keep up with the demand and charge up the battery, then our smart isolator will link them together, and the solar will flow over to the cranking battery as well. How do I connect a trickle charger to keep both batteries charged? You can connect a charger to your factory positive wire on the cranking battery and the factory negative wire on the aux battery. This way the trickle charger works just like your alternator - it will charge the cranking battery first for a couple minutes, then the smart isolator links the batteries together to charge the aux battery as well. The red light on top of my isolator stays on all the time. Is something wrong? The red LED light is a status indicator. On means the batteries are fully charged and they are connected together. Off means they are below 12.7v and the isolator has separated the batteries to protect your cranking battery from being drained by your aftermarket accessories. My isolator gets warm / hot / very hot. Is something wrong? It is perfectly normal for your isolator to get hot. It can get up to 140 degrees, even with the engine turned off, which is way too hot to touch with your hand, but not nearly hot enough to hurt anything around it. This is a normal characteristic of any electromechanical solenoid device. I left my headlights/radio/dome lights turned on, and now the engine won't crank. I thought the system would turn off the cranking battery to protect it from getting too low. The factory positive wire harness feeds power directly to your fuse box, which means all of the factory circuits are powered from your cranking battery. The isolator does not turn off power to the fuse box. It 'isolates' the 2 batteries from each other, to protect your cranking battery from being drained by your aftermarket accessories that you have wired up to the bus bars. If you accidentally drain your cranking battery, that's when you'd use the boost button to jump start yourself from the second battery. My factory post clamps won't get tight enough on the battery post. It is loose and causing weird electrical issues. The factory battery post clamps are made of light duty stamped sheetmetal, and are easy to damage. First, make sure the post clamp is fully seated all the way to the bottom of the battery post. Try loosing up the post clamp nut so it is very loose, then use a large socket and gently tap the clamp down onto the post. Now tighten the clamp nut and see if it is secure. You can also try using a battery post shim, available from your local auto parts store, to fill the gap between the clamp and the post, allowing the clamp to tighten down more securely. Do I need an sPOD, or is it unnecessary since the kit has the power and ground bus bars for hooking up my accessories? The sPOD system from is a great compliment to our dual battery system. It allows you to easy add electrical accessories that need a fuse, relay, and a switch. It does have limitations, however, with the amount of current that can be used through any one switch. For example, you can't control a winch with it due to the very high amp draw for the winch. Our bus bars are perfect for connecting accessories that need direct battery power, or for those that come with a wire harness that includes a fuse, relay, and switch. How do I connect an sPOD system to the dual battery kit? The sPOD source unit should be connected directly to our power and ground bus bars. For the best connection, we recommend using a larger ring terminal on the positive lead so that it can be connected to the large center stud on the power bus bar. The sPOD's negative lead should fit the center stud on the negative bus bar. The sPOD is turning off my accessories. Did I hook it up incorrectly? The sPOD has a low voltage monitor that will automatically shut circuits down to avoid draining your battery too much. When adding an sPOD to our dual battery kit, we recommend you pull out the 2 amp fuse inside the Source box. It is the only 2 amp fuse you'll see when you remove the cover. This will disable its low voltage cutoff system. Since you have 2 batteries, and since our smart isolator will already protect your cranking battery from getting drained, you probably don't care if your accessory battery gets drained down all the way. That's why you have 2 batteries in the first place! Is it ok to use my favorite brand of batteries, or are the Optima and Odyssey batteries the only choice? Any Group 34 battery will work in our tray. That refers to the physical size of the battery. We offer Optima and Odyssey batteries through our website as a convenience for people who want to have everything delivered to their doorstep, rather than having to go to the store to buy them and pay sales tax, and have to carry 2 heavy batteries home to be installed.
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