Rock Hard 4x4

Rock Hard 4x4 Boat Side Rock Sliders w/ Tread Plate for Jeep Wrangler JK 4DR 2007 - 2018

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Rock Hard 4x4 is very proud to offer the most durable and heavy duty bolt-on rocker guards and sliders for the Jeep Wrangler JK 4DR. The RH4x4 Jeep JK 4DR Rocker Guards are the heavy weight champions of the rock crawler world. Solid plate steel thicker than the competition and a unique "boat side" style give our Rocker Guards the edge you need on the toughest trails out there. Innovation and originality make these a world class body armor upgrade. 100% Made in the USA and an undisputed reputation as a game changer - meet the RH4x4 Rocker Guard set. Functional Design Glitz and glamor are for prettier, leaf eating rocker armor kits. This is a fully function driven Rocker Guard that maximizes your Jeep JK's rock climbing capability. By extending our extreme duty 3/16" steel plating all the way to your frame rails you now have a true "slider" that does not pin you to the obstacle. No dimples or other cute frills - just a true slider to get you up and over the rock or hybrid import car of your choice. Each slider is laser cut from a single sheet of steel giving you a seamless and solid guard. End plates are welded shut to help keep debris out of the inner structure and for those running larger tires give your tires a smooth surface in case of rubbing rather than a sharp edge like other slider systems. Laser cut into each slider fore and aft is a Hi-lift Jack(TM) foot notch that gives you a safe and sturdy jacking point. Another key benefit of our "boat side" styling is massive 4-inch step that follows the lines from your factory fenders and keeps the sides of your Jeep JK off the rocks. This step meets our mounting bracket that attaches the top of our Rocker Guards to your body. Weight and load is distributed evenly across your side panel via evenly spaced weather resistant hardware protected by heavy duty plugs. This gives you not only an indestructible mounting point but clean, consistent look. Ease of Installation If our Marketing guy can install his own RH4x4 Rocker Guards, so can you. Seriously. The secret behind our system's ease of install is precise fitment. Believe it or not, the side of your Jeep Wrangler JK is not a straight line. The slight outward curve is lost by many other manufacturers giving you a less than solid mounting point where debris and water can get between the body and your body armor. Our mounting bar that secures our Rocker Guards to your body perfectly continue that curve. This means a rock solid mounting surface and properly distributed weight load when your slider is being put to use. Our mounting ingenuity does not stop there. Your body mounts along the sides of your Jeep are some of the most solid frame tie ins on your vehicle. They'd have to be considering they support the weight of your entire cabin. We replace your OEM hardware with new, longer, heavier duty components and tie in the bottom of our Rocker Guards to those body mounts. Components RH4x4 Rocker Guards are very recognizable for two major reasons: owners bragging about the trail they just conquered and how strong they look. What goes into a RH4x4 Rocker Guard set is what makes them so strong. Overhead shot of our Rocker Guard shows the predesigned curvature that follows the sides of your Jeep JK perfectly. This gives you a secure and perfectly fitting Integrated Hi-lift Jack Points - Very few body armor upgrades are actually strong enough to support the weight of your Jeep JK. Our Rocker Guards are - and we've laser cut in two Hi-Lift jack points into each slider giving you a total of 4 recovery points. Wide 4" Step - RH4x4 Boat Side Rocker Guards include one of the widest, most usable steps in the industry. This makes entry and exit from your Jeep easier plus helps keep your Jeep's body off the trail. Smooth Surface - With no perforation, dimples, or Christmas decorations added to the skin of our Rocker Guards there is no way to catch or pivot unexpectedly when climbing an obstacle. This makes for a safer, more effective surface to slide on. Continues OEM Fender Lines - by extending the ends of our Rocker Guards to your OEM fenders we don't leave you stuck with an unsightly gap where debris can sling off your tires and onto your body. What comes in every kit: Driver and Passenger side Rocker Guards Hardware Installation Instructions Three Reasons Why: Ease of installation Thickness and strength Unmatched quality and fitment
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