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Rebel Off Road Grinder Rear Control Arm Skid Plates for Jeep JK

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Designed for Jeep Wrangler JK 2007-2018 2/4 Door Rear D44 Housing. Protect your rear lower control arms with our heavy duty bolt on skid plates. Each skid is fully boxed 3/16th inch steel and hand welded for extreme attention to detail. Our trail tested Grinder skid plates have been used for years in our RECON coilover conversion. They are designed to protect your factory lower control arm mount from absolutely any abuse. These Grinders have been redesigned to be installed on non-coilover Jeeps with any lift height. These DO NOT move your lower shock mount up, allowing absolutely any JK shock (factory or aftermarket) to be installed. You lose absolutely zero travel, meaning your ride quality, articulation, and suspension travel are NOT sacrificed.

Why Not Relocate the Shock Mount Up? Say, 1.5". Consider what moving the shock up does. If installing a shock, but moving one of it's mounting points, your vehicle will undercompress/bottom out that shock and cause it damage plus limit your up travel that new 1.5". That point is made when a rear lower shock relocation kit specifies it may require new shorter rear swaybar links and/or coil spring spacers.

Our Grinders DO NOT. That 1.5" of clearance has now potentially cost you a shock. Instead, leave it in it's OEM location, but add a skid plate like this system.

Do I Need to Order New Shocks? No. Our system does not require special length shocks and is compatible with 100% of aftermarket Jeep JK shocks.

Why Do These Not Come Powdercoated? We ship our Grinders raw for a very specific reason. They are going to get abused! Simply apply your favorite cheap can of rattle paint prior to install, let dry, and install. After each off road trip reapply paint and they will look new again.

What is Installation Like? Simply cut off your OEM sway bar link mount, OEM shock bracket, grind your cuts smooth and bolt our Grinder into place.

What Comes in a Grinder Kit? Each Grinder kit will ship with: 2 lower control arm skids, 2 grade 8 bolts 4 grade 8 washers 2 grade 8 nylock nuts

100% Made in the USA. Grade 8 Hardware included. Ships raw for custom powdercoating or spray painting. Some grinding / cutting required. Sold in pairs.

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