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Nemesis Notorious Front Bumper

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53.00 LBS


Product Overview
Customers wanted a beautiful stubby front bumper, that will help their vehicles survive the most difficult trails in the country, while not bogging down the JK's already over taxed 3.8l engine. This is the answer.
The Notorious Bumper is the first of its kind to use a steel skeleton combined with an aluminum skin to provide the ultimate in strength and weight control. Weighing only 53 pounds including all hardware, the Notorious Bumper gets you there and back. We manged to protect the rubicon swaybar disconnect system, and maintain an outstanding approach angle.
The bumper will even fit the 'Powerplant' winch from Warn. By placing the winch plate low between the frame rails we have allowed for maximum airflow to the radiator, this placement ensures even Hemi customers will still have plenty of air to keep the big V8's cool.
The Notorious Bumper has several light mount options available separately. You can mount a 20" Rigid single or dual row light bar, or if you prefer a more traditional style stud or post mount light we have a mount for those as well. Should you want to upgrade your fog lights from the factory units we also offer a mount for the JW Speaker TS300 driving light.
Build Specs
You can confidently install this Notorious Bumper knowing it has been constructed from quality materials by the craftsmen at Nemesis Industries. Using a water jet the Outer Skin and Inner Skeleton are cut from 3/16" aluminum sheet and 3/16" steel plate. The pieces are then dried, cleaned, and sanded to remove any dross (slag) leftover from the cutting process. Forming of the pieces is handled by our CNC press brake, using tooling developed by our resident tool and die maker. The parts are then welded and metal finished providing a seamless finish. Upon completion the parts are inspected to ensure a precise fit.
  • A Warn Powerplant or Zeon winch will fit inside the Notorious Bumper be sure to select the appropriate winch plate and drum position.
  • Notorious Bumper is available in black and textured black powdercoat.
  • Light bar hoop sold separately.

Installation can be handled by the average home installer, and can be completed in four hours, using basic hand tools and a drill. If you ever have a question during the installation process our skilled technicians will be available during business hours to answer any questions you may have.

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