Nemesis Jeep JK Evap Canister Relocation Kit

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5.00 LBS


Product Overview
At Nemesis we challenge ourselves to produce new and complete solutions for everyday problems. There are two options for protecting the evap. canister, you can build a skid plate to cover it in it's factory location, or you can relocate it to a more protected area of the undercarriage. Depending on your long term build plan you may choose to relocate it which is why we developed this solution. The relocation kit comes with everything required to move the canister from its factory position to above the rear axle. Constructed of aluminum, our kit does shave a few ounces but more importantly we dramatically decreased the potential for damage due to objects on the trail and have eliminated the chance of damage from exhaust heat. Now you can have the confidence to tackle the trails knowing that your evap. canister will be protected from all hazards.
Build Specs
You can confidently install this kit knowing it has been constructed from quality materials by the craftsmen at Nemesis Industries. Using a water jet the mount is cut from 3/16" aluminum sheet. The pieces are then dried, cleaned, and sanded to remove slag leftover from the cutting process. Forming of the pieces is handled by our CNC press brake. The parts are then welded and metal finished providing a seamless finish. Upon completion the parts are inspected to ensure a precise fit.

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