KC HiLiTES Gravity® Titan™ LED Lights - 2-Light System

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Iconic Design Meets Unmatched Performance

Introducing the Gravity® Titan LED Lights. The Titan series elevates the beloved Pro6 lights, increasing brightness, expanding coverage, and integrating an Amber Dust Light for the ultimate, no-compromise lighting solution. The Titan 6" Lights in revolutionize off-road lighting, and find themselves at home on the front bumpers and A-Pillars of off-road rigs.

At their heart lies the innovative Titan Core, powering 3-Source LED optics. This results in a larger Illumination Zone while also being brighter. At the flip of the switch, alter between High Power Mode for intense output and the integrated Amber Dust Light for others to easily see you in dusty conditions. The Titan features a patented Pass-Through Front Cooling, a cutting-edge design that dissipates heat, ensuring optimal performance and longevity in high-heat, high-demand environments.

Experience unparalleled lighting power with the Gravity® Titan, designed to excel in the most challenging off-road adventures.

One for the Ages

The saga of Titan is one of enduring legacy and groundbreaking advancements. It started with the Gravity® Pro6 - a game-changer at a time when nothing else came close. Leveraging our rich experience, we took the nostalgia for classic round lights and the demand for LED light bars, and infused all of that together with cutting-edge GRD® optic technology. This move didn't just light up trails; it sparked a revolution in off-road lighting. Titan stands as a testament to our commitment to push boundaries and fuel off-road adventures.

Spot Beam

Engineered for exactness, the Spot Beam Titan light carves a path of intensely focused illumination deep into the darkness. It's a light that not only guides but leads - ensuring you'll never outrun its reach.

Wide-40 Beam

The Wide-40 Titan Beam is delivers bright, clear light spread across a vast area, ensuring no corner is left in the shadows. Like daylight at the flick of a switch, providing visibility for your off-road adventures.

SAE Driving Beam

Tuned for the road, the Street-Legal Driving Beam features street-legal compliance and precision output. It's the perfect blend of responsible brightness and enhanced visibility, from city streets to remote trails.


  • Dual Power Modes:
    • Amber LED Dust Light: Acts as a marker light to be seen with in low-visibility conditions.
    • High-Power Mode: Offers intense lighting for nighttime trail use.
  • Titan Core:
    • Patented Pass-Through Front Cooling: Provides superior thermal management.
    • 3-Source LED Optics: Delivers comprehensive lighting coverage - short, mid, and long-range.
  • Advanced Housing System: Increased heat-sinking surface area and added protection
  • Gravity Reflective Diode Technology: Ensures unmatched beam precision and efficiency, providing brighter and more focused light.
  • MoistureBlock® Technology: An integrated plug built directly into the housing to keep water out, while maintaining a secure connection.


Every pair pack of Titan Single Lights includes everything you need to get up and running quickly so you can spend less time in the garage and more time out on the trails.

KC Gravity® Titan LED Lights (2)
Light Covers - Black with Yellow KC Logo (2)
Complete Wiring Kit with 3-Position Switch (1)


SKU 91401
Weight 11.000000
Candela 144,250 cd
Total Candela 288,500 cd
Lumens 2,972 lm
Total Lumens 5,944 lm
Lux 1,443 lx
Total Lux 2,885 lx
Beam Distance 537 m
Wattage Per Light 39W
Total Wattage 79W
Voltage 9V-36V
Amp Draw 3.29 a
Total Amp Draw 6.58 a
Beam Pattern Spot
Light Temperature 5000K
DOT Compliant No
Lens Color Clear
Light Color Amber / White
Type Titan Light
Material Aluminum Alloy
Mount Location A-Pillar / Ditch / Windshield, Bumper
UPC 084709914011
Color Black
In The Box 2 x Gravity® Titan™ 6" LED - Single Light - Spot Beam, 2 x Gravity 6" Light Cover - Black with Yellow KC Logo, 1 x Complete Plug-N-Play Wiring Harness with 3-Position Switch, Hardware
IP rating IP68
Prop 65 No
Size 6"

Wiring Harness Instructions

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