James Baroud

James Baroud Odyssey Rooftop Tent, 55"

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165.00 LBS
  • James Baroud Odyssey Rooftop Tent, 55"
  • James Baroud Odyssey Rooftop Tent, 55"
  • James Baroud Odyssey Rooftop Tent, 55"
  • James Baroud Odyssey Rooftop Tent, 55"
  • James Baroud Odyssey Rooftop Tent, 55"
  • James Baroud Odyssey Rooftop Tent, 55"
  • James Baroud Odyssey Rooftop Tent, 55"
  • James Baroud Odyssey Rooftop Tent, 55"
  • James Baroud Odyssey Rooftop Tent, 55"


The James Baroud's Odyssey Rooftop Tent is the perfect companion for your off-road adventures! Designed with unparalleled craftsmanship and functionality, The James Baroud rooftop tent is your ticket to experiencing the great outdoors like never before. Explore its innovative features, top-notch materials, and user-friendly design, and start your journey towards unforgettable escapades today!

Odyssey Shell

Made with a thick (4mm) ABS plastic that is strong, durable, and resistant to heat and light. It also has a layer coated on the outside that gives it extra UV protection, a great resistance to extreme weather and resilience to the color when exposed to the elements.
A specially designed aluminum profile rim with several integrated gutters easily allows you to attach and slide different accessories inside and outside the tent.
At the bottom of the tent there are cavities for 8 slide gutters to position and attach the fixing clips to the roof racks of the vehicle, allowing fitment with a wide range of roof racks.

Odyssey Roof Top Tent Fabric
All new gray canvas consists of a coated high-quality 3 layered fabric, with 650 gr/m2, double seams that reflects solar rays and are resistant to UV, heat and water. It is fitted under a curved aluminum guides towards the outside of the shell, ensuring a perfect water drainage and strong wind resistance, tested in gusts of wind of 75miles/h. After testing the new fabric, we at Rhino Adventure Gear couldn't be more impressed. This rooftop tent has the trademarked 360º view through its windows and doors with the Mosquito Net stitched right into the fabric. When closed, you can enjoy a full night's rest with an improved acoustic and thermal insulation, 100% blackout technology and rubber cursors on all the zippers. The rear door features a transparent PVC window for when it’s raining or cold, the window can be closed from outside weather but light still comes inside. We also improved the closing method with the addition of a handle in the external part of the rear door, now to close the tent you just need to leave the door zippers open and pull that rubber handle.
The Frontier series have a modular canvas with 6 parts that can be replaced individually to make it easier to fix a small damage.

James Baroud Solar Powered Fan
The fan is the best technology to prevent condensation and help exhaust heat, thereby avoiding humidity and fungi.
The solar fan is silent and has a 24-hour battery which is automatically recharged while in the sun. With a capacity of 19.2m3/h, this fan was conceived to circulate a volume seven times the size of our bigger tent.


Premium High Pressure Piston Arms
The closing and opening of the tent is automatically assisted through 4 hydraulic dampers and articulated arms, the pistons assure the tension of the fabric of the rooftop tent for perfect wind resistance. It has a patented locking mechanism where it can be fine tuned for best performance.
After opening the tent with just a nudge, you just need to lock all 4 arms individually from inside the tent. To do that, just pull the handle that is behind each piston elbow until you hear a ‘click’. To unlock the piston arms, just push the same handle until you hear the same ‘click’ sound.
From inside the tent, the pistons are protected by a canvas.







Ultra Comfortable High Density Mattress
Inside the tent you’ll find the James Baroud High Density Mattress made for long trips and maximum comfort. With 28kg/m3 density and 65mm high, it is often reported as the most comfortable in the market. Also, in the Frontier series, you’ll also find an Isolating PVC flooring to improve comfort.



Rechargeable LED Flashlight
A rechargeable USB flashlight is included. Conveniently mounts inside the tent, or can be removed and brought outside as needed. USB rechargeable lithium battery of 2600mA allows several hours of use before recharging.




Interior Storage Net
James Baroud hard shell roof top tents include a storage net on the upper part of the interior. When closed, the Odyssey Roof Top Tent has 7.8" (H) of storage space. Make the most of it by keeping your pillows, blankets and sleeping essentials conveniently packed inside!








Odyssey Roof Top Tent Latches
Made of strong polymer material designed to resist extreme cold and rain while also being easy to open and close. To improve the tent aerodynamics, there are now only 2 latches on the back sides; the front part of the tent has a new patented locking mechanism to make it easier and faster.
This new system in the front of the tent is essentially a rail-based pivot point that enables you to easily anchor the front of the tent while closing, and pivot down from that point- latching only at two points in the back, as opposed to the historical 4 latch-based system. This improvement provides well distributed force along the front of the tent and a quicker and easier (but equally secure!) method to close the tent.







Mounting Clamps for Odyssey Roof Top Tent
The newly redesigned Mounting Clamps are now more versatile and can be attached to cross bars with varied width between 1.18"and 3.35". It is also made of a strong polymer so it won’t rust, it’s easier to attach to the car and can resist a torque of 14 N m. The tent is delivered with 6 sets of James Baroud Clamps.

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