CBI Covert Front Bumper, 2024+ Tacoma

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55.00 LBS
  • CBI Covert Front Bumper, 2024+ Tacoma
  • CBI Covert Front Bumper, 2024+ Tacoma
  • CBI Covert Front Bumper, 2024+ Tacoma
  • CBI Covert Front Bumper, 2024+ Tacoma


The all-new CBI Covert Bumper for the 2024 Tacoma seamlessly blends rugged functionality with the truck’s modern design. This low-profile bumper adds essential protection without compromising style.

The 4th gen Tacoma covert bumper from CBI is a great option for those looking to add both protection and style to their truck. It offers a sleek, low-profile design while still providing robust front-end protection. The bumper is constructed from high-grade steel, making it resistant to damage from impacts and the elements. Additionally, it is built to accommodate a variety of accessories, such as a winch or LED lightbar, which can enhance the functionality of the vehicle. Overall, the 4th gen Tacoma covert bumper from CBI is an excellent choice for those looking to improve the look and functionality of their truck while maintaining a high level of protection.


  • Gusseted winch mount for confident recovery.
  • Slot for a 20-inch single-row light bar to illuminate the trail.
  • Integrated D-rings for secure recovery points.
  • Direct frame mounting for unwavering strength.
  • Super low-profile design that maintains a sleek aesthetic.
  • Maintains factory fog lights for seamless functionality.
  • Aftermarket 6″ Lights can be added to increase visibility.
  • Retains factory sensors for uninterrupted performance.

Take your 2024 Tacoma to the next level of off-road capability with the CBI Covert Bumper!


Q: What winches are compatible with this bumper?

A: Fits most winches up to 10,000 lbs. Winches with a non integrated solenoid are recommended as they offer more mounting flexibility.

Q: Why is this bumper not offered in aluminum?

A: Our covert bumpers are designed designed to offer a ton of strength in a compact space and as such we prefer to manufacture them out of steel. All of our covert bumpers are compact enough that weight is kept to a minimum even with the steel construction.

Q: How much does this bumper weigh?

A: This bumper weighs 85lbs before installation of a winch and light bar.

Q: Does this bumper require cutting?

A: Yes, the installation of this bumper does require trimming of the plastic factory bumper.

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