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Rock Krawler JT 4.5 Inch Silverback "No Limits" System - Stage 1 - JT45SBNL-S1

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324.00 LBS


The JT 4.5 Silverback "No Limits" suspension systems bring together the advantages of a full high clearance 4 link long arm front suspension with a triangulated 4 link rear assembly. The "No Limits" front sway bar links allow Rubicon owners to use the factory sway bar disconnect function and still achieve maximum articulation. This setup keeps the rear axle perfectly centered throughout the suspension cycle; allows for removal of the rear track bar, eliminates rear suspension bind, and the cross talk of the front and rear track bar arrangement greatly smoothing the highway ride. The X Factor Series adjustable lower control arms offer a total of 90 degrees of misalignment. The Triple Rate front coils paired with our Quad rate rears coils provide unmatched ride quality and off-road performance, while maintaining standard JT rear load capacities.

System Benefits:

  • Excellent Highway Ride
  • Improved Off-Road Ability
  • Weld On Long Arm 4 Link Front
  • Bolt In Triangulated 4 Link Rear
  • Eliminates Front and Rear Track Bar "Cross Talk"
  • The Rear Axle Remains Perfectly Centered
  • Triple Rate Front Coil Springs paired with Quad Rate Rear Coils
  • Front & Rear Spring Correction Spring Seats to minimize Coil Bow
  • Lifetime Warranty on All Hard Parts

System Includes:

  • (1) Weld-on front long arm mounting system
  • (1) Heat Shield Products Sticky Shield Kit
  • (1) Front adjustable anti-wobble track bar
  • (2) High clearance adventure series front lower control arms
  • (2) Adjustable front upper control arms
  • (2) Front "No Limits" sway bar links
  • (4) 2.25 RRD Shocks 
  • (2) Triple rate front coil springs
  • (2) Quad rate rear coil springs
  • (4) High clearance adjustable lower control arms
  • (4) Adjustable upper control arms
  • (4) Spring correction seats
  • (1) Adjustable front track bar
  • (1) Carrier bearing drop bracket
  • (1) Pro-X bolt in rear axle cradle
  • (2) Extended rear sway bar links

*hardware and detailed instructions

Tire Fitment:
Sport and Sahara with Full OEM Fenders
38" Tall Tires (4" Bump Stop Height Recommended)
Sport and Sahara with Trimmed or High Lined OEM Fenders
40" Tall Tires (4" Bump Stop Height Recommended)
Rubicon with Full OEM Fenders
39"/40" Tall Tires (4" Bump Stop Height Recommended)
Rubicon with Trimmed or High Lined OEM Fenders
42" Tall Tires (4" Bump Stop Height Recommended)

Wheel Fitment:
Sport and Sahara Wheel Fitment Recommendations
38" Tall Tires - Recommend 3.5" of Backspacing
Rubicon Fitment Recommendations
39" Tall Tires - Recommend 4.0" of Backspacing
42" Tall Tires - Recommend 3.5" of Backspacing

Shock Notes:
Generic Front Shock Length - 18-19" Collapsed/ 31" Maximum Extended
Generic Rear Shock Length - 19" Collapsed/ 32" Maximum Extended

General Notes:
*Requires welding of front long arm mounts

*Recommend a new front C.V. driveshaft for all front shocks with max. extended length greater than 29in

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