Recon JK Front Bumpstop Mount Install Guide

Includes: Front upper bumpstop mounts | Grade-8 hardware

Thank you for purchasing the Rebel Off Road bolt-on bumpstop kit.  This system includes all necessary mounting brackets and hardware to convert the front of a Jeep Wrangler JK to a hydraulic bumpstop design.  (Bumpstops sold separately / available from Rebel Off Road.)  This system is engineered to achieve rock buggy caliber wheel travel when offroad plus superb street drivability when on pavement.

NOTE: For ease of installation, the bumpstop should be installed prior to mounting the bumpstop mounting bracket.  

Installation – Bumpstop into Bumpstop Mount: NOTE: Instructions assume a King 2.0 bumpstop is used

  • Remove large nut on top of bumpstop and insert bumpstop into mount
  • Line up off center allen head locating bolt on bumpstop with off center hole in bumpstop mount
  • Tighten down large nut

Bumpstop Mount Install:

  • Begin with Driver’s side
  • Remove 3 nuts and 3 washers that secure upper coilover mount to factory coil spring bucket
  • Install bumpstop mount onto 3 bolts
  • Reinstall 3 nuts and 3 washers
  • Tighten all hardware
  • Follow same instructions on Passenger side

NOTE: The top of the bumpstop will protrude through the hole in the factory coil bucket.