Recon JK 14” Rear Bolt-on Coilover Install Guide

Rebel Off Road Recon 14” Rear Bolt-on Coilover Conversion System Installation Instructions

Disclaimer: Rebel Off Road recommends only trained professionals to install this system. If you have any questions regarding the installation of this kit, please call or e-mail us via the contact information below.

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Thank you for purchasing the Rebel Off Road bolt-on 14” rear coilover kit. This system includes all necessary mounting brackets and hardware to convert the rear of a Jeep Wrangler JK from a coil spring and shock configuration to a long travel coilover design. (Coilovers sold separately / available from Rebel Off Road.) This system is engineered to achieve rock buggy caliber wheel travel when off road plus superb street drivability when on pavement.



- Rear Upper 14” Coilover brackets (Left and Right side) - Rear Lower 14” Coilover brackets (Left and Right side) - Crossmember spacers (Left and Right side) - Grade 8 Hardware


Note: Exhaust relocation system, is required with the installation of this kit. The factory JK muffler does not fit with this sytem.


Step 1: Safely secure vehicle on jack stands on level ground and chock tires.

Step 2: Remove rear bumper assembly.

Step 3: Remove rear body bolts. Depending on the year of the vehicle, there will be either two or four bolts to remove.

Step 4: Remove four body mount nuts on the frame. Two per side of the frame.

Step 5: Lift body from frame. If you did not purchase the reverse triangulated 4-link system, install the provided spacer in this location.

Step 6: Lift body mount from frame, slide coilover bracket under body mount. Loosely reinstall both body mount nuts. There will be two per side.

Step 7: Install factory rear bolts to rear cross member.

Step 8: Torque all factory nuts and bolts to factory specification.

Step 9: Drill 4 holes ½” in diameter in the specified location. Two per side.

Step 10: On the body mount side, use supplied extra ½” washers as spacer to fill gap due to manufacturer inconsistencies, we use washers not spacers. (Tip: use electrical tape around the amount of washers needed for your Jeep to hold together while installing the bolts. Supplied 1 ½” x ½” bolt is installed here.

Step 11: Reach arm in frame rail, install nut on the other side of the bracket, on the inboard frame wall.

Step 12: Install top coilover hardware to brackets to hang the coilovers for now.

Step 13: Lower body back down onto frame.

Step 14: Install supplied long ½” diameter bolt in rear crossmember. May need to drill hole through crossmember, depending the year of your JK.

Step 15: Reinstall body bolts you removed in step 3 and torque to factory specifications.

Step 16: You may now reinstall the rear bumper assembly.

Step 17: Hold lower shock mounts to the axle and mark a cut line on the factory control arm mount.

Step 18: Redraw that same cut line ½” higher on the factory control arm mount.

Step 19: Cut the factory control arm mount along the higher line you just drew.

Step 20: Cut and grind off factory sway bar mount on the axle.

Step 21: Install lower coilover bracket, install hardware, tighten hardware.

Step 22: Reinstall sway bar links to new mounting locations on lower coilover brackets.

Step 23: Install lower coilovers to brackets.

Step 24: Reinstall wheels and tires.

Step 25: Carefully lower vehicle and remove chocks.