Recon Front JK Coilover Mount Install Guide

• Front upper and lower coilover mounts • Grade-8 hardware

Thank you for purchasing the Rebel Off Road bolt-on coilover kit.  This system includes all necessary mounting brackets and hardware to convert the front of a Jeep Wrangler JK from a coil spring and shock configuration to a long travel coilover design.  (Coilovers sold separately / available from Rebel Off Road.)  This system is engineered to achieve rock buggy caliber wheel travel when offroad plus superb street drivability when on pavement.

Support vehicle with a hoist.  Vehicle should be lifted off the ground far enough to allow the suspension to completely droop out plus 6”.  Remember coilovers allow for more droop than OEM suspension.

• Droop out suspension 

• Disconnect sway bar links (driver and passenger)

• Remove wheels/tires (driver and passenger)

• Remove shocks (driver and passenger)

• Remove coil springs (driver and passenger)

• Make sure front brake lines and ABS lines have slack and lower the axle to allow droop fully

Installation – Upper Coilover Mounts:
• Begin with driver’s side

• Prior to installing mounts / coilover, “ream out” upper coilover mount holes where coilover shock installs with 1/2 inch drill bit. This removes any powdercoat to ensure ease of coilover shock install.

• Cut off factory bump stop at top of coil bucket using a sawzall or angle grinder and grind flush with top of the coil bucket. (See figure 1)

• Place driver side upper coilover mount in factory shock / coil bucket location and bolt to back of shock tower using 2x 5/8 bolts, nuts, and washers provided in UPPER hardware bag.

• Where the coilover mount meets the factory upper coil bucket, drill 3x 7/16 inch holes through the bucket and attached with 7/16 inch hardware. (See figure 2) o If installing hydraulic bumpstop kit at this time, this is where you begin.  Refer to included instructions. We suggest drilling one hole first, bolting tight, and then drill / install remaining holes / hardware.

• Drill 1/2 inch hole in frame at the point where the coilover tube meets the frame rail. Attach using supplied 1/2 inch hardware. 

Re-check and tighten all hardware.

• Follow same instructions for passenger side.

Installation – Lower Coilover Mounts:

• Being with driver side lover mount on axle housing

• Align the 2 lower pre-existing holes and attach with 3/8 inch bolts in lower hardware kit (See figure 4)

• Install shock spacer in the factory shock mount where the OEM shock was installed. Use 1/2 inch x 4.5 bolt and nut. Snug but do not tighten. This will help you align the lower mount for drilling 2 side holes underneath factory lower coil spring mount. (See figure 5)

• Mark and rill the 2x 3/8 inch side holes.  1 in front and 1 in rear of lower factory coil spring bucket mount.

• Remove 1/2 inch x 4.5 bolt that holds lower coilover shock in place.

• Follow the same instructions for Passenger side.

Coilover Shock Install:

• Begin with Driver’s side

• Insert and pinch (this can be tricky) 2x heim spacers on either side of upper coilover shock. Slide coilover shock into position in upper coilover mount. Insert 1/2 inch x 4.5 bolt from the rear towards the front of your Jeep.  Attach lock nut and washers.

• Insert and pinch (this can be tricky) 2x heim spacers on either side of lower coilover shock. Slide coilover shock into position in lower coilover mount. Insert 1/2 inch x 4.5 bolt.  Attach lock nut and washers.  Remember to install the supplied shock spacer into the open space on the factory lower shock mount (See figure 5)

• Follow same instructions for Passenger side.

• Tighten all upper and lower coilover system hardware.

• Check ABS lines and brake lines for correct length and clearance.  o Lines some have some slack at full droop. o If necessary install longer brake lines (not included but available from Rebel Off Road or your nearest Rebel Off Road dealer. Minimum 30”)

• Ensure brake and ABS lines are routed away from tires. 

• We suggest cable tires to secure ABS and brake lines together, then secured to coilover spring.  This ensures they do not get pinched inside spring.

NOTE: Reservoir attachment is up to installer.  We suggest either clamping reservoir to Upper coilover mount tube (where it attaches to frame rail) or weld on reservoir clamp mounts to frame rail.