JE Reel

JE Reel Rear 1310 C.V. Heavy Duty Drive Line - Jeep Wrangler JK 4-Door W/ Auto Trans

Non Stocking Item- Lead Times Vary Based On Availability
31.00 LBS


Recommended for stock to 6” lift & up to 35” tires. 1) Up to 35" tires for mild use. 2) Up to 4.5" lift on 2-Door, Up to 6.5" lift on 4 Door. If using more than 4.5" lift on 2 Door then use 1350 Rear driveline. *O.E. manufactures spend countless millions of dollars and countless man hours in R&D to make sure their vehicles perform trouble free. Any changes to suspension, gear ratio, tire size and/or other modifications add additional stress and wear and tear to these vehicles and adversely affects both reliability and ride comfort. Vehicles can have problems associated with these modifications. J.E. Reel Drive Line Specialists is not responsible for any problems occurred due to installations or modifications to any vehicle.
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