Falcon 3.3 Adjustable Coilover System, Ford Bronco

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The Falcon 3.3 Coilover Suspension System is tailor-made to provide the 2021+ Ford Bronco 10.5" of front suspension travel & 13.7" of rear. Falcons engineers, recognizing the Bronco's off-road damping capabilities, optimized it further while also enhancing on-road comfort. With Falcon's unique Fast Adjust tuning, this system promises superior performance both off-road and on highways. The coilover piggyback shocks facilitate a 3.5” lift, allowing for 35” or 37” tires.

Falcon shocks are designed, manufactured, and assembled in-house, but that’s just getting the process started. The Extensive real world shock tuning is a key part of the Falcon Coilover with its industry leading performance and comfort across all terrains.

The technical challenges of adding an additional external frame mounted suspension bump stop to the Bronco are prohibitive, but with larger tires and suspension lifts, limiting the up travel is mandatory to protect the body and suspension components. With that in mind, considerable R&D went into the 6G Bronco Falcon Coilover, and a clever and effective solution to tire/body sheet metal damage was developed.

All Falcon Bronco Coilover shocks include an Internal Secondary Piston, “Bump Zone” that is activated as the shock approaches full compression. This Internal Hydraulic Bump Stop controls harsh bottoming when you find yourself, up close and personal, with that surprise wash out in the trail or charging hard in the desert.

The ability to adjust the Bronco’s ride from Soft to Firm using the Falcon quick adjust knob, or anywhere in between using the 8-position fine tune adjustment is another unique feature; quick and easy adjustability is something you will actually use to create a true multi-purpose vehicle that excels in every category – cruising to work in the morning; off-road exploring in evening with the simple flip of a knob - and your passengers will love it.

The factory axle side Rear Coilover Mounts on the Bronco require an extended lower shock mount to clear the factory axle bracket. The factory mounts normally result in considerable loss of shock travel due to the mounting requirements. But where there’s a will there’s a way, and the Falcon engineers devised a lower eyelet and extended travel coil mount that allows the shock to travel into what was previously unusable dead length in the shock, thereby gaining considerable shock travel without vehicle modifications.

Features include:

  • Vehicle-specific shock absorbers
  • Innovative Modular Body Cap design ensuring accurate reservoir placement
  • Front and rear internal hydraulic bump stops
  • Customized rear lower shock mounts
  • Lift height customization with precise snap ring grooves
  • Set to elevate 3.5” beyond the Base Bronco height
  • Comes with a 3-year warranty
  • Boost your Bronco's performance with the Falcon 3.3 Coilover Suspension System
  • Modular Body Cap design for versatile fitment and precise reservoir positioning
  • Internal Hydraulic Bump Stops front & rear limit up travel and reduce harsh bottoming
  • Proprietary sealed Gimbal lock mount bearings provide solid, quiet and positive control (designed specifically for the high force of the Bronco “bump stop” loads)
  • Specialized rear lower shock mounts reduce “dead length” and increase travel
  • 10.5” front, and 13.7” rear wheel travel with 35” tires
  • Lift height adjustability using fast and accurate snap ring grooves
  • Preset to 3.5” over Base Bronco lift height
  • Internal Bump Stops set to acommodate resepective tire sizes
  • Includes a rear axle-side Track Bar Bracket (to correct geometry) and Brake Line Relocation Kit to correct for the increased wheel travel


  • 2 different kits are offered to complement either a 35" or 37" tire height. Please select which shock will acommodate your vehicle best. 
  • Wheel alignment required
  • Preset to (3.5”) Lift and up to a 35” tire
  • Installation of the included Rear Track Bar Bracket and Brake Line relocation kit is required due to increased lift and wheel travel.
  • Minimum wheel backspacing to clear rear shock reservoir – 4.5” Min backspacing or equivalent wheel adapters for OEM wheels
  • Advertised lift heights are not actual final lift height. Use the coil spring lift height descriptions as the average lift height that may be achieved between the front and rear of the vehicle. Other variables will affect the actual final lift height such as a winch, aftermarket bumpers, full-size spare tire, loaded cargo weight, etc.
  • Rear ride height is adjustable in 1/4” increments without shock removal.
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