With the fast paced overlanding scene growing daily, the innovations in expedition trailers are also rapidly changing for the better, allowing for even more creature comforts and technology to follow at the same pace. Things like rooftop tents, solar panels, running water, stoves and well thought out storage solutions are just a few things that have evolved to better suit the overlander of today. So, why settle for a basic boxy trailer with no engineered space?

he answer- if you have invested in everything you need for camping, then this may fit your lifestyle? Do you need all of the creature comforts like running water and on-board power?


Tuff Stuff Overland would like to help guide you in the right direction to make your (rather large) investment a little easier to navigate through.

What will the trailer be used for?

Most overlanders drive a good bit of their journey on dirt roads, crossing deserts and forests and have a vehicle equipped to do so. Why not buy a trailer that can do the same? Our Xtreme and base camp trailers both come standard with heavy duty trailing arms and an articulating hitch that allows the trailer to track independently from your vehicle and follow its own path. This means when your vehicle is perched on a rock or the side of a hill climb, your trailer isn’t being pitched on its side for no reason. Both trailers also include several recovery points to be pulled out if you get stuck, or to help someone else in need. If most of your camping will be at state parks, easily accessed graded dirt roads or easy to each locations, then our expedition may be a better fit for your family.

All Tuff Stuff trailers come complete with an adjustable rooftop tent & awning mount to mount the most popular brands of RTT’s & awnings on the market.
The Base camp trailer includes all the creature comforts like running water, a sink, stove, lockable propane storage, several slide out drawers/trays, solar charger, lighting, a battery and a stealth electronic base station to control everything powered on the trailer.

The Xtreme trailer comes with independent suspension and the ability to fit up to a 35” tire making it our most capable model. Outfitted with 2 rear slide out trays for storage bins and a useful front slider for using all of your cookware, the Xtreme fits most off road and overlanding families perfectly. The Xtreme trailer provides all of the rigidity and ability of any off road capable vehicle, while offering thought out storage for securing coolers, storage bins, cookware, water/fuel tanks and much more for the trail.

Our Expedition trailer is the most refined, light weight trailer offering a large open concept storage space in its tub and a handy drop down tailgate and hydraulic assisted lid to access larger, bulky items from the top. Using a standard solid axle and leaf spring, the trailer hauls easily with great road manners. The expedition trailer also includes 2 smaller access doors in front, allowing access to the smaller most used items. Customers have built out their own storage solutions in the expedition trailers, making them the most customizable trailer in our fleet.
1 Trailer size 140.55*70.87*51.18(inch) 134.57*76.06*55.91(inch) 130.71*74.8*59.13(inch)
2 Box size 66.93*61.02*26.38(inch) 66.69*47.40*30(inch) 75.39*49.61*30.12(inch)
3 Toolbox size 21.65*22.44*26.38(inch) 23.62*17.32*17.80(inch) 10.24*14.8(26.50)*3.62(inch) trapezoid

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