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Currie Extreme 60 Axles

Currie Extreme 60 Axles

Currie Wrangler Axles JL Dana 60

The Currie® Extreme 60 includes exclusive features that set it apart from the competition!


High-Pinion, High-Clearance Center with Rotated Cover - Reinforced nodular iron center section provides superior strength and ground clearance, high-pinion (front and rear) design raises the driveshaft to help keep it out of harm's way. The instantly recognizable rotated cover eliminates the square bottom edge of the housing and presents a smooth radius that slides up and over trail obstacles with ease


Ring Gear Load Bolt - Proven to help keep ring and pinion gears alive in the most demanding Ultra4 and Baja racing application. The integrated load bolt prevents the ring gear from deflecting during high torque loads (1st gear, low-range spinning tires and bouncing) to maintain full gear mesh and strength when you need it most


Hardened Steel Skid Plate - Manufactured from heat-treated AR400 steel, the skid plate protects the housing from impacts and improves obstacle slide-over with its super slick hardened surface


Full-Float Rear Axle - Desert racing-inspired chromoly spindles and billet steel full-floating hubs provide massive strength without the weight of the competition's cast iron components. Upgraded 35-spline chromoly full-floating axles are ready for big tires and abuse

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