Weekend Trip To Alabama Hills

Weekend Trip To Alabama Hills

Posted by EVAN GAGE on 27th Nov 2019

Photos from our recent weekend trip up to Alabama Hills and Kern River.

We headed up on a Friday Nov. 22nd our weekend trip to Alabama Hills arriving just after sunset that evening. The next morning I woke up around 5am to grab photos of the three Jeeps as the sun crested over the mountains. After breakfast we headed up Whitney Portal and took a drive up into the snow. which we caught some epic views of the snow capped mountains.

The three of us decided to head south and make our way over to Kern River to make a pit stop at Kern River Brewing for lunch. We were lucky enough to find a road that led up the side of the mountain which allowed us to camp away from the main road for a quiet evening.

The following morning we headed up into the Sequoias and found a fire road that took us through some beautiful back roads covered in mud and snow. The three JTs took this opportunity to test out the handling of the Maxxis RAZR and Nitto Trail Grappler tires in wet/snow conditions. I was really impressed with how well the RAZR gripped in the corners while traversing in the snow.

As our first camping trip with the three Gladiators fully outfitted with tents, Pelican cases and our XPLOR Racks, we were able to test out how the Gladiators handled the extra weight on both the half and full height racks under our driving style. It also gave us the opportunity to brainstorm on more accessories for us to offer for both racks.