Garage Sale + Jeeps and Java 11/19/2022

Garage Sale + Jeeps and Java 11/19/2022

Rebel Off Road has been busy collecting used parts over the past year, and now our garage is full! We've decided it's time for a garage sale, so we're offering discounts on a full range of parts - from suspension, steering, light bars, awnings, wheels/tires and sliders. If you're in need of any Jeep/Toyota/Truck parts, this is the perfect opportunity to stop by. 

We're also bringing back our Jeeps and Java event which of course is open to all vehicles, all clubs, family and pet friendly. We know it's been a little while since the last one, so Rebels excited to have you all back at the bunker. 

Look forward to seeing you all in November! 

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Rebel Off Road
23501 Commerce Center Dr. Suite A
Laguna Hills CA 92653

Partial List Of Used Parts Available This Weekend - Teraflex Steering and Suspension Not Listed But Will Be Available For Sale.

Number 2 has been sold.

Dec 28, 2022 EVAN GAGE

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