Our Team


Bond Gilmer

Position - Owner

Phone 866.900.8841 ext. 100

About Bond

Bond, as you can guess from his accent, was born in the overseas off roading world. He was raised in South Africa, where off roading is a way of life. When he moved to Australia, he remained in his desert and off road excursion element. He has crossed all major deserts in Australia, including the Simpson Desert, a 3-week trek surviving completely off what was packed in his Jeep. His rain forest excursions lasted 4 weeks; again, his Jeep being his only transport.

Bond was first in Australia to import Jeep and Jeep accessories including LHD to RHD conversions. His stateside off road experience is just as impressive. He’s wheeled everywhere from the Rubicon Trail to the Hammers, from Moab, Utah to the obstacle courses in Florida. Bond started Rebel Off Road to fill in the element lacking in today’s corporate world: customer service.

Email bond@rebeloffroad.com




Taylor Blagdon

Position - Sales Manager

Phone 866.900.8841 ext. 103

About Taylor


Taylor brings 13 years of Off Road Industry experience to the table. His resume includes a 5 year factory Jeep experience that brings inside knowledge of the workings of the Jeep. He was there the day the JK was released, and started the modifications of the JK in house at the dealership. His relationships at the dealer still exist, and come in handy on a regular basis. He has experience in suspension manufacturing, and international sales. His attention to detail is extremely necessary in an environment of high end vehicle builds, and is visible on the vehicles that leave Rebel. Taylor has been the Sales Manager with Rebel for 7 years, with the company for nearly 8.


Taylor has owned 5 Jeeps. His current 2020 JT, 3 JK’s, and a CJ-7. Each one bigger and badder than the last. His current build, the Iron Man JT can be found online.

Email taylor@rebeloffroad.com




Evan Gage

Position - Marketing Director/Road Show/Photographer

Phone 866.900.8841 Ext. 105

About Evan

Evan first started in the shipping and warehouse department but quickly worked his way up. He was our shipping manager for 6 months but when the marketing position became available, his previous work experience made him a great candidate for the job. Evan has worked as a professional photographer in the wedding and lifestyle photography industry since 2009.

Evan has used one of his best assets, his love of learning new skills, and has become a student of videography/post production editing and our drone pilot. If you're not reading Evan's posts on our social media you'll see him at all our events across the country. He heads up our in and out of state events making sure everything goes smoothly.

Evan has also taken great pleasure in working with Bond, on building and designing our shop vehicles. The past three SEMA builds (Jeep JK- Jeep JL -Jeep JT), he's had an important roll in bringing those vehicles to fruition. It's become one of his most passionate aspects of working at Rebel.

Email marketing@rebeloffroad.com




Chris Towles

Position - Sales

Phone 866.900.8841 Ext 106

About Chris

What can we say about Chris. Possibly the biggest heart in the industry, and a sense of loyalty found no where else. He has been a friend for countless years and translates perfectly into an employee. If you have ever been out off roading with our team, you’ve met and trusted Chris. Sure, he trips on his own feet now and then, but it’s part of the Chris “experience.

Chris’ 2011 Jeep JKU has become one of our most recognizable builds, known as the White Widow JK.

Email chris@rebeloffroad.com



Jacob Rowe

Position - Sales

Phone 866.900.8841 Ext. 102

About Jacob

Email jacob@rebeloffroad.com