Located just seconds from the 241 Expressway, 5 and 405 freeways in the heart of South Orange County - Rebel Off Road is perfectly located to be your #1 off road parts supplier and service center.

Whether it's a build up of your first 4x4 or repairing your seasoned rig - we have the tools, experience, and industry backing to get your build done right the first time.

We are recognized by all major manufacturers as an authorized dealer and installer making installs and upgrades a smooth and seamless process.


Out of California Customers

Rebel Off Road has quickly become the #1 destination for fully customizing vehicles from outside of California. We provide door to door transportation arrangement and communication throughout the entire transit process. Vehicles are photographed and inventoried upon receipt so you know that no matter how far it has traveled to us, it has arrived safe and secure.

We have the logistical experience to understand we are not simply transporting a "Jeep Wrangler." We are transporting a modified machine that is wider, taller, and heavier than before. This crucial data helps prevent delays and headaches associated with both nationwide and international transits.

The Transportation Process

The most important part about building your vehicle is establishing how you want it to perform. Our staff will help you choose the right components for your off road style and/or daily driving needs we can guarantee the vehicle we deliver meets every one of your expectations. A deposit is taken to begin ordering parts and a calendar date for pickup and an estimated completion and return/delivery date is set.

Once we have established the components that suits your needs we will arrange for pickup from your preferred location. Upon vehicle delivery to Rebel we will photograph and inventory your vehicle and begin the parts installation process. Takeoff/old components can be either discarded or sent back with the vehicle.

We photograph and document your build both online and through social media keeping you and our fans up to date on our progress. We eagerly share this information as it helps you see our build methodology and helps give your vehicle it's own personality.

Once your build is complete we arrange with the transportation company for return delivery. We make sure to notify them of your vehicle's final dimensions including weight so they can anticipate a larger trailer. The vehicle is again photographed and inventoried prior to departure.

Once your vehicle has been picked up and has left our facility, we provide you with the transit firm's contact information and vehicle tracking information.

We will provide you with the transportation company's information and once your vehicle has been picked up well will give you the vehicle tracking information.

Initial Purchase Assistance

If you are in the market for your vehicle and have not purchased it yet, Rebel Off Road can assist you in every step from vehicle selection to customization to final delivery. By working closely with the leading dealerships in Southern California we can secure Fleet pricing from a wide inventory, delivery to Rebel Off Road for customization, and transportation back to you either in the United States or an international destination.

Rebel Installation Expertise

Building your vehicle right the first time is critical. Whether you live in a remote location area of the USA or live on the other side of the world - we have to guarantee that when your modified vehicle is delivered - IT WORKS.
Parts selection is not as simple as searching online or reading forum posts and selecting your favorite parts that you think may work. When it comes to a complete vehicle makeover including drivetrain, suspension, and even body armor components, you can trust Rebel Off Road to fully understand compatibility and functionality of the components. We specialize in large, complex, bumper to bumper / tire to roof rack modifications and builds. This experience helps ensure you receive a completely prepared and professionally modified vehicle.