Teraflex 21+ Bronco 3.5" Sundance RT3 Suspension System, Falcon Fast Adjust Coilover Shocks

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The Teraflex 2021+ Bronco 3.5" RT3 suspension system with 3.3" Falcon Coilover Shocks is the ultimate solution for off-road enthusiasts looking for increased performance and versatility in their Bronco. This system features a rugged 3.5" RT3 suspension lift and state-of-the-art 3.3" Falcon coilover shocks, providing unmatched stability and handling in even the toughest terrain. Whether you're navigating rocky trails or cruising down the highway, the Teraflex suspension system delivers a smooth and comfortable ride, allowing you to tackle any adventure with confidence.

The all-inclusive 3.5” Sundance RT3 Suspension System with Falcon 3.3 Fast Adjust Coilover shocks will open a new world of adventure. The Sundance RT3 Provides an unequaled off-road and highway driving experience.


  • 3.5” lift
  • Max Tire Diameter 37”
  • Bolt on no welding required
  • Rear upper adjustable IR arms using factory brackets
  • Rear lower IR arms using factory brackets
  • Innovative IR or Independent Rotation Bushings
  • Positive response and handling
  • Maintenance free suspension components
  • Maximum suspension travel for off-road flex and articulation
  • Falcon 3.5” Series 3.3 Fast Adjust Coilover Shocks
  • Falcon Coilover Shocks with 4000psi internal Hydraulic Bump Stops
  • Forged Front Upper Control arms
  • Industry exclusive quiet, positive, shock mounting point bearings
  • Long travel/high clearance rear Lower Spring Carriers
  • AllTera Limited Lifetime Warranty against defects

Decades of TeraFlex and Falcon Shock engineering experience were combined to develop our 2021+ 6G Bronco RT3 Suspension System, and the result is a capable and significant breakthrough in the off-road industry. The Bronco AllTera Sundance RT3 suspension sets a new benchmark in off-road performance and highway handling.

When the 6G 2021+ Bronco platform was released, we discovered substantial potential for off-road suspension improvements, but our engineers also realized that the on-road harshness of the factory suspension could be improved without sacrificing stability.

The AllTera Sundance RT3 suspension is an all-inclusive system that will transform your Bronco into an all-conditions capable machine that will transport the family on adventures for years to come.

The Sundance RT3 Bronco Suspension includes Forged Front Upper Control Arms as well as a Rear HD Forged Adjustable Track Bar and Rear Lower Track Bar Bracket. The Rear Trackbar and bracket restore front and rear roll axis geometry for a safe, stable ride.

The suspension includes everything from Control Arms to Brake Line Relocation Brackets, Coilover Shocks and all the hardware in between.

AllTera IR Control Arms feature our exclusive Independent Rotation (IR) Bushing. This innovative design reduces bushing bind which results in substantially less bushing resistance and wear during suspension articulation; and that free movement translates into remarkable ride quality.

Also included are a full set of Falcon 3.5” series 3.3 Fast Adjust Coilover Shocks. Falcon Shocks are vehicle specific, and the new Bronco Falcon Coilover Shock features an internal hydraulic bump stop that will all but eliminate harsh bottoming when that surprise wash out on the trail sneaks up on you. The Bronco specific Falcon 3.3 Series Coilover Shocks are the icing on the cake.

AllTera Suspension Systems are designed to provide years of quiet, smooth, and vibration free driving.


  • 2021+ 6G Ford Bronco Does not fit Raptor
  • Requires a maximum of 4.75” Back Spacing wheels or 1.25” Wheel Offset
  • Adapter pair (#105800 X 2) with stock wheels.
  • Always check any aftermarket tire/wheel combo for proper clearances after the lift is installed
  • Does not fit Bronco Ford Raptor
  • Front upper control arms reuse the factory Ball Joints…installation tooling provided.
  • Requires gas tank removal for Rear Upper IR Arm installation
  • Do not use with any other lift combination, any added lift may cause vehicle damage
  • Articulation increase on the rear may require slight skid plate trimming
  • No bleeding of the brakes is required with the Brake Line Relocation kit.
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