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Rock Jock 4x4 RJ-201000-101 - Antirock® Double Shear End Link Bracket Kit

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3.00 LBS


The RockJock® Double Shear End Link Bracket Kit can be used in conjunction with any of our Antirock® sway bar arms that have multiple holes or have room for at least 2 holes at the end. On arms that only have one hole, you can drill the addtional hole to allow for installation. This kit allows you to add 1.5 in. in length to your Antirock arms, as well as allowing you the ability to vary the offset of the Antirock end link up to 1.25 inches (total span) side to side, inboard or outboard of the Antirock arm.

NOTE: Heim joints and links not included in this kit! When installing this kit, you will need to replace the studded heim joint on your current Antirock® with a thru-hole heim joint. Additionally, you'll need to decifer whether you want to change out the RH or LH heim joint to the new thru-hole style. See the related items on this page for the heim joints!

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