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Poison Spyder JK Front Crusher Flares - Narrow Width (Aluminum)

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Aluminum JK Crusher Flares are constructed using 1.5" X .188" wall annealed aluminum structural tubing as the outer "rub rail". This .188" wall tubing is thicker than the .120" wall tubing used in our steel Crusher Flares, to provide better resistance to crushing, kinking, and bending than competitors' aluminum flares made with .120" wall aluminum tubing. The foundation of the Crusher Flare is a CNC laser cut, 3/16" thick aluminum mounting plate, precision brake-formed to conform to the subtle curves of the JK's body panels. Mounting holes are countersunk for the use of flat-head stainless steel mounting hardware. The top plate is CNC laser cut 1/8" aluminum plate, which is hand formed around the curves of the Crusher Flare for a factory appearance that matches the JK's organic body lines better than any other aftermarket metal flare available.

JK Crusher Flare Inner BraceExclusive Inner Brace Set
Every set of Poison Spyder JK Crusher Flares comes with a set of inner braces that tie the Crusher Flare in to the sturdier, heavier-gauge steel of the JK's inner body tub structure. Competitors' JK Flare products simply bolt directly to the outer layer of the JK's body sheetmetal. But as any JK owner knows, the exterior sheetmetal is very thin and flexible. Simply bolting a heavy duty fender directly to the exterior sheetmetal without the inner bracing is a disaster waiting to happen. Regardless of how sturdy the flare is built, upon contact with rocks, trees, etc., it will simply push in and deform the flimsy sheetmetal it is bolted to, possibly causing expensive and unsightly damage. The Inner Brace Set that comes with Poison Spyder Crusher Flares effectively bypasses the outer sheetmetal, instead transferring those forces to the much stronger inner structure of the Jeep. That's why we've been able to demonstrate the strength of our flare attachment system by parking another Jeep on top of the Crusher Flare! These Inner Braces are CNC laser cut, brake-formed for a great fit and simple installation.

Rig Stacking on the JK Crusher Flares!Rubber Liners Included
JK Front Crusher Flares come with high quality rubber liners to place between the Crusher Flare and the Jeep's body sheetmetal during installation. The rubber liners provide help protect your Jeep's exterior paint, where the flare contacts it. It also helps even out the contact area of the Crusher Flare, absorbing any small bumps or imperfections between the mated surfaces. The rubber liner also helps keep moisture, dirt and debris from collecting between the Crusher Flare and the Jeep's body. These liners are cut from premium EPDM rubber.

Retain Factory Wheel Wells
When installing Poison Spyder JK Front Crusher Flares you have the option of retaining the factory wheel well liner to protect the engine from trail and road debris. Retaining the wheel well also helps to conceal the Inner Braces to complete a clean and finished appearance. Some trimming of the plastic wheel well is required, but the kit comes with hardware and mounting brackets to re-install the trimmed wheel well.

Provisions for LED Marker Lamps
The JK Front Crusher Flare kit comes standard with mounting provisions to replace the factory side marker with a high intensity 3/4" round LED marker light. The addition of the LED provides a more modern and refined look that complements the function and style of the Crusher Flare.

Steel or Aluminum?
Not sure whether to choose steel or aluminum for your Crusher Flares? Aluminum is lighter in weight, so might be the best choice for those looking to save weight on their heavy JK's in order to improve fuel mileage and gain an advantage off-road. However, when wheeling with aluminum flares it is up to the driver to use more care and finesse, as the aluminum components are not going to be able to withstand the same direct impacts that steel can. The outer tube on our aluminum Crusher Flares is beefy .188" wall thickness. Compared to our steel Crusher Flares which use .120" wall DOM steel tubing. The thicker tube wall recoups some of the strength lost by going to aluminum, however the steel versions will still be stronger in a direct impact with the rocks. For reference, a steel JK Front Crusher Flare weighs 31.6 lbs (not including hardware), while an aluminum one weighs only 11.8 lbs. Which is best for you will depend on your particular intended use of the Jeep, driving style and other factors.

Features & Benefits

At Poison Spyder we strive to build superior features into every aspect of each product we make. Every feature has a reason for being included in the design. Here are a list of the most important of these features, along with an explanation of the benefits of each. Consider these important factors when shopping for products, and compare the competition to Poison Spyder's features and benefits!

Best Looking FlareThe Poison Spyder JK Crusher Flare is designed to be an aesthetically pleasing match to the curves and bends of the JK's body lines. Compare the appearance of a properly installed Crusher Flare to competing flares with straighter tubes, sharper bends, and an overall appearance that just looks out of place on the JK.
Inner Brace KitTransfers impact forces through the Crusher Flare to the sturdy inner tube of the Jeep, which is made of much thicker material than the thin sheetmetal exterior skin. Metal JK flares that do not have inner braces just bolt directly to the flimsy exterior sheetmetal, and can dent or crease that sheetmetal if the rigid flare bumps into rocks, trees, etc.
Steel or Aluminum ConstructionCrusher Flares are available in either heavy duty steel or light weight aluminum, to suit the needs of a wide variety of Jeep owners and their four-wheeling requirements. Choose steel for heavy duty ruggedness, for use on Jeeps that see a lot of time in the rocks and hard core wheeling. Opt for aluminum when weight savings is an issue, or on Jeeps that will only see mild off-road use with reduced chances of encounters with the rocks.
Standard or Narrow WidthCrusher Flares are available in either Standard or Narrow Width. Standard Width approximates the width of the stock plastic flares, for those who want to maintain stock tire coverage to satisfy local laws or protect more against water and mud kicking up from the tires. Narrow Width flares are more suited for dedicated trail rigs where extreme tire clearance and articulation are more important, or where fender width laws are less of a concern. Please check your local regulations to see what fender width rules apply in your area.
3/16" Thick Mount PlateThe mounting plate is CNC laser cut and precision brake-formed for a great fit to the Jeep JK's flare mounting surfaces. This thick material helps spread impact loads over a wide area, reducing potential damage. Mounting holes are countersunk so that flat head hardware may be used for a sleek, flat surface.
1.5" OD, .120" Wall DOM TubingSteel Crusher Flares use a 1.5" diameter, .120" wall Drawn-Over-Mandrel (DOM) high strength structural steel tube as the outer "rub rail". Compare this to competing products on the market which use weaker welded seam tubing, which is less resistant to bending and kinking than DOM.
.188" Wall Aluminum TubingAluminum Crusher Flares employ a 1.5" diameter, .188" wall annealed aluminum tube as the outer "rub rail". This is the component of the flare that is most likely to come in contact with rocks and other obstacles. The thick wall of the aluminum tubing helps to guard against denting and bending. This tube is formed in an NC bender and securely fixtured during assembly to ensure quality.
3D-CAD Designed Assembly FixturesCrusher Flares are built in assembly fixtures that were designed simultaneously with the Crusher Flares themselves. The process involves using 3D Computer Aided Design and an actual 3D solid model of the Jeep JK to render the subtle curves and compound surfaces of the JK. The manufacturing process using these fixtures is similar to building the part in-place, right on the Jeep, with fixtures to hold each component securely in place while welding it all together, ensuring against heat warping. The result is the best looking, best fitting, easiest to install, most consistent quality Crusher Flare ever produced.
Rubber LinersRubber Liners mount between the Crusher Flare and the Jeep's sheetmetal to cushion the area and help keep moisture and debris from lodging between the flare and the Jeep's body.
Wheel Well Mounting ProvisionsHardware, brackets, and instructions are included to aid in trimming and re-installing the plastic factory wheel wells. This helps maintain a finished look while helping to keep water and road debris from splashing up into the engine compartment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: You offer Narrow Crusher Flares for the front, but I don't see them listed for the rear?

A: If you look at the stock plastic JK flares, you'll notice that the rear ones are quite a bit narrower than the fronts, as the nose of the JK tapers considerably toward the front. Our Standard Width Crusher Flares were originally designed to approximate the width of the factory plastic flares, and as a result, the Standard Width Rear Crusher Flares are already quite a bit narrower than the front ones. As it turns out, the Front Narrow JK Crusher Flares are actually a very close match with the Standard Width rears. In fact they match so well that an even narrower rear flare wouldn't look right. So we recommend running the Narrow fronts with the Standard rears.

Q: Can I order the Crusher Flares powder coated?

A: At this time we are not offering powder coat for this product. If we are able to devise suitable packaging which will adequately protect the powder coat finish during transit, we may add a powder coat option in the future.

Q: How do I choose between steel and aluminum?

A: It depends on how you use your Jeep, what kind of wheeling you do, and which product you're considering. For armor used on Jeeps that get wheeled hard in extreme rock terrain, we prefer steel because it is simply more durable, less susceptible to bending or gouging, and will distribute impact loads over wider areas better. But the trade-off is that steel is of course heavier. There are some who prefer a lighter rig even in hard core terrain, opting to use aluminum but accepting the greater risk of damage in order to gain the performance of a lighter rig. For these folks, if their driving style is more finessed and patient, aluminum might be the better choice. For vehicles being used primarily on the street, and light trail duty, the aluminum products might be the better choice solely for the weight savings.

Q: Are these the "new and improved" version?

A: Yes! You may have heard that we recently revised our entire JK Crusher Flare product line, including several refinements to the product design and complete overhaul of the manufacturing process with all new 3D-CAD designed assembly fixtures. We transitioned each version of the JK Front Crusher Flares over to the new design one at a time, to ensure that each was correctly dialed in before moving on to the next. And as of now, all versions (steel, aluminum, standard width, narrow) are now being produced with these refinements. The result is that the JK Crusher Flares now fit better than ever, and are easier to install than previous versions.

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