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JK/JKU Rzeppa High-Angle Factory Replacement CV Joint Kit

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The TeraFlex JK high angle Rzeppa factory replacement CV joint kit allows the JK owner to replace a worn or damaged Rzeppa CV joint and retain their factory JK driveline without an expensive upgrade. The high angle CV housing reduces boot failure associated with taller lift heights. This is especially important on JKs with 3 or more inches of lift. This kit includes the CV joint assembly, high-angle CV housing cap & boot, bolt flanges, socket head bolts, 6mm allen wrench, and low-friction CV grease engineered specifically for the high RPM needs of the JK Rzeppa CV joint. The grease features high viscosity surface bonding characteristics required to properly adhere the grease to all moving surfaces. **NOTE** Proper grease packing of the joint is essential for joint longevity. Grease must be packed thoroughly and liberally to the entire CV assembly.Be generous and use all grease provided. Improperly packing the bearings with sufficient grease will result in bearing failure. For complete step-by-step procedure please watch the instructional video linked below.
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