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Hauk Offroad Expedition Snorkel For JT Gladiator / JL Wrangler 2018 And Newer - SNK-7001

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10.00 LBS


Our River Raider Expedition Snorkel System for the JL Wrangler & NEW JT Gladiator is a clean and simple install. Only one 3" hole needs to be cut through the removable plastic cowl panel. The Snorkel System exceeds the required CFM requirements and includes a rechargeable performance air filter! It also comes complete with the highest quality stainless steel hardware. The optional 18-inch extension is able to be cut to your desired length.  An evap fitting kit is required for Jeeps with the 2.0L engine.

Available textured powder coat colors:

  • Satin Black
  • Gloss White (2018 JL color)
  • Firecracker Red Gloss (2018 JL color)
  • Punk'n Orange Gloss (2018 JL color)
  • Ocean Blue Gloss (2018 JL color)
  • Mojito Green Gloss (2018 JL color) (air box and hardline only)
  • Sting Gray Gloss (2018 JL color)
  • Billet Silver Gloss (2018 JL color)
  • Granite Crystal Gloss (2018 JL color)
  • Gloss Black

*Pictures contained herein are for representation purposes only.  Colors and textures may vary due to lighting, screen format, powder coat techniques used and texture consistency. 

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