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Currie HD60 High Pinion Front Axle, Jeep JK Wrangler

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  • Currie 60 - Jeep JK Wrangler Front Crate Axle
  • Currie 60 - Jeep JK Wrangler Front Crate Axle
  • Currie 60 - Jeep JK Wrangler Front Crate Axle


The Currie® 60 high pinion front axle includes a long list of exclusive features and innovation that make it the clear choice for serious off-road adventure. The Currie 60 is built around our high pinion, radius bottom center section, that's designed to slide over obstacles with ease and with its thick reinforced center section, forged knuckles, large-diameter tubes, and full 35-spline axles, the Currie 60 delivers superior strength for years of dependable service

The Currie 60 high pinion front crate axle for the 2007 and newer Jeep JK Wrangler, is a complete bolt-in axle assembly with all required brackets and mounts in place. The vehicles factory driveshaft will require modification or replacement to accommodate the larger 60 series housing and 1350 series u-joint.


Built to the legendary Currie Standard with exclusive features including:


The Currie 60 high-pinion radius bottom center section delivers unmatched ground clearance, and improved obstacle slide-over by presenting a smooth curve rather than the sharp edge found on other 60 housings

RockJock AR400 Skid Plate   Integrated AR400 hardened steel skid plate resists deformation and gouging to slide over obstacles far better than iron housings or mild steel plates
  Large diameter outer pinion bearing (right) is designed for the demands of reverse rotation/high pinion housings. Stock low pinion bearing (left)
  High volume flow-thru recirculating oil system keeps pinion bearings bathed in cool oil, reducing operating temperatures and eliminating oil starvation issues
  Large 3-inch diameter .375” thick wall axle tubes (left) are more than twice as strong as the stock Dana® 44 (right) without sacrificing ground clearance or being overweight
  Massive forged 1-ton inner knuckles (right) are designed to stand up to the severe punishment of larger tires without flinching. Stock JK (left)
  Upper control arm mounts feature rebuildable Johnny Joints® for maximum suspension articulation with unsurpassed durability
  Rock-proof Currie nodular iron front cover protects expensive internals, adds structural support to the housing's face flange and locates the driver’s side upper control arm mount
  Big 13.250 inch diameter vented rotors (+1.3 inches larger than stock) provide the increased brake torque required for stopping large tires
  Lower control arm mounts are one-piece construction with integrated skid plates to help fend off bracket seeking rocks
Powder Coat   Black satin powder coat finish adds long-lasting protection against rust and corrosion to keep your Currie 60 looking its best



ABS Sensors - Does not include ABS sensors, the factory sensors from the stock axle must be retained and installed on the Currie housing

Computer Programming: 2012 and newer vehicles require a computer programmer, such as the AEV ProCal Module to reset the gear ratio and tire height in the vehicle's computer for proper function of the vehicles stability control and transmission shift points

Brake Calipers: Does not include front disk brake calipers, mounting brackets are designed to reuse the stock calipers from the vehicle with the included 13.25-inch big brake rotors

Wheel Bolt Pattern: Requires wheels with 5 on 5 1/2 inch bolt pattern

Wheel Studs: Includes 1/2 inch wheel studs

Wheel and Tire Size - 17-inch or larger wheels are required for proper clearance of the brake calipers.

Overall Width: Axle width is 68.750 inches (+3.375 inches over stock) between wheel mounting surfaces. Additional width improves turning angle with 37-inch and larger tires

Center Section Currie 60 nodular iron high-pinion radius bottom center section
Pinion Bearing Large diameter front pinion bearing matched to rear bearing
Pinion Oiling High volume flow-thru recirculating oil system
Gear Set Standard reverse cut Dana 60™ (compatible with super 60 reverse cut gears)
Pinion Yoke 1350 u-joint
Skid Plate AR400 hardened steel
Differential Cover Currie nodular iron cover with integrated Johnny Joint control arm mount, Red
Axle Tubes 3 inch diameter, .375 wall DOM tube
Axles Currie Perfromance 35-spline (1.5" diameter) 4340 chromoly inner and outer axle shafts with 1480 u-joints
End Forgings Currie 1-ton heavy-duty forged steel inner C’s
Steering Knuckles Currie 1-ton nodular iron steering knuckles machined and keyed for high-steer arms
Unit Bearings 1-ton unit bearings with 5 on 5 ½” bolt pattern, ½” wheel studs, JK tone rings installed for ABS and ESP retention
Hubs Warn Premium 35-spline locking hubs
Brake Rotors 13.250" vented rotors (over 1.3" larger diameter than stock JK, provides increased brake force), with zinc plated caliper brackets
Brake Calipers Calipers not included, designed to reuse the stock JK front calipers
Tie Rod Currectlync® 1 3/8” diameter, .250 wall heat treated chromoly tube with 7/8” 1-ton tie rod ends
Suspension Brackets Heavy gauge 3/16” steel mounting brackets with multiple mounting locations that enable the suspension geometry to be tuned
Control Arm Mounts Johnny Joints installed with ½” greasable bolt
Geometry Optimized for 4” lift kits with 5 degrees of pinion angle to reduce driveshaft angle and 5 degrees of caster for improved steering
Width 68.750” wide (between wheel mounting surfaces), enables increased turning angle with large tires
Wheel Bolt Pattern 5 on 5 ½ with ½” wheel studs
Finish Black satin powder coat
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