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Currie 44 - Jeep JK Wrangler Front Housing (Rubicon Replacement)

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  • Currie 44 - Jeep JK Wrangler Front Housing (Rubicon Replacement)
  • Currie 44 - Jeep JK Wrangler Front Housing (Rubicon Replacement)
  • Currie 44 - Jeep JK Wrangler Front Housing (Rubicon Replacement)
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The Currie® 44 heavy-duty high-pinion front housing is a direct replacement for the factory Jeep JK Rubicon unit (accepts stock Rubicon internals). With its strong reinforced center section, large diameter, thick wall tubes, and massive forged knuckles the Currie 44 housing is twice as strong as the stock factory unit. Overall swap cost can be minimized by retaining and reusing the stock Rubicon internals or can be upgraded using any Rubicon compatible aftermarket parts.

The Currie 44 is a cost-effective direct bolt-in upgrade, that reduces the overall swap cost by enabling the reuse of the original equipment internal components and outer knuckle assemblies (brake rotors, calipers, hubs, etc.) from the Rubicon 44 frontend


Built to the legendary Currie Standard with features including:


Currie 44 high-pinion nodular iron center section features 14 lbs of reinforcement over a stock 44 with thicker walls and webbing to deliver superior strength and rigidity

  Large 3-inch diameter .375 wall axle tubes (left) are more than twice as strong as the stock 2.5-inch diameter .250 wall tubes
  Currie heavy duty forged inner knuckles (right) are significantly stronger than the stock knuckles (left) and are designed for severe off-road use with up to 37” tall tires
  Rock-proof Currie nodular iron front cover protects expensive internals and adds structural support to the housing's face flange
  Upper control arm mounts feature rebuildable Johnny Joints® for improved suspension articulation with unsurpassed durability
  Lower control arm mounts are one-piece construction with integrated skid plates to help fend off bracket seeking rocks



Recommended maximum 37-inch tire size due to the inherent limitations of the stock brakes, wheel bearings, and axle u-joints


The Currie 44 high-pinion is an all-new, heavy-duty 44 made 100% by Currie. The casting is nodular iron and uses the larger JK high pinion 44 gears only. These gears feature a larger ring gear than a standard 44 as well as a 29 spline Dana 60 size pinion gear. Tubes are 3" x .375" wall. All-new heavy-duty JK suspension brackets are mounted on this housing for easy bolt-in installation; all holes are drilled and threaded where applicable for factory reuse of the JK Rubicon's electric locker and Currie's forged JK knuckles are installed.

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