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The Carbon POD® with 70W HID technology is KC’s flagship off-road HID lighting system. Born in the harsh terrains of Baja, Mexico, the Carbon POD combines a high performance 70W HID Ballast and a Phillips HID Bulb with KC’s precision reflector optics to produce the most usable and far reaching light available. The package is surrounded in an extremely lightweight and sturdy DuPont™ Zytel® Carbon Fiber Reinforced Resin, which is 4 times stronger than our previous housing. This combination is engineered and designed to meet and exceed the demands of extreme off-road racing. To allow precise aiming, the KC Rally Ring allows for versatile omni-directional adjustment. If you are looking for the highest performing HID light on the market, KC’s HID Carbon POD stands in its own category above all the competition. Available Part Numbers: 70W HID Carbon POD® Spot Beam Single Light, #96426

• Powered by KC's 70W HID ballast
• NEW DuPont™ Zytel® Carbon Fiber Reinforced Resin, 4x stronger than previous housing
• 7" DuPont™ Minlon® Mineral Reinforced Nylon Resin multi-surface reflector optics
• 7" Computer-designed, multi-surface reflector optics
• NEW Adjustable Rally Ring for precise aiming
• NEW Sturdy mounting points with fixed mount base
• Available in spot or spread beam patterns

• Wattage - 70W per light, 140W per pair pack
• LUX @ 10 meters - 11,600
• Candela - 1,160,000 (Spot pattern); 462,000 (Spread pattern)
• Beam Distance (meters) - 2,154m (Spot pattern); 1359m (Spread pattern)
• RAW Lumens - 7000LM
• Amp Draw - 5.83A per light, 11.7A per pair pack
• Voltage - 12V
• Color Temperature - 4200K
• Warranty - 23 years

KC's Carbon POD® redefined HID light performance in off-road racing. After its debut in 2007, our 70W HID Carbon POD lighting system stood alone at the top of the lighting heap as the most versatile and farthest-reaching light available, and it has successfully stood the test of time and remains a superior HID lighting option. The Carbon POD allows drivers to see in the deepest, darkest terrains of Baja, Mexico when seeing clearly miles ahead at speeds in excess of 100mph separates those who survive from those who win.

At the heart of the Carbon POD® is KC's proprietary 70W HID Ballast and HID Bulb. Our solid-state ballast and Phillips HID bulb were designed from the ground up to be performance components that allow for fast firing, warming and stable output in the harshest of temperatures. This ultimate HID combination is designed around our precision injection-molded, impact-resistant reflector optics, which gives our customers access to a race-tested Spot and Spread beam patterns. These beam patterns were developed for racers by racers, blending both distance and periphery lighting needs into one ultimate light; the KC Carbon POD. Drivers can also precisely aim the Carbon POD with the adjustable Rally Ring system. This allows everyone to set up the POD for a driver’s own individual application.

The light housing is made from injection molded composite Dupont Zytel Carbon Fiber (made of 45% glass and carbon fiber reinforced, toughened, heat stabilized polyamide resin), which is 4 times stronger than our previous hand laid Carbon Fiber POD® housing material, making it even more capable to handle the harshest environments. For secure mounting, the Carbon POD housing is reinforced with a thick carbon fiber mounting base and stainless steel mounting hardware. Customers can also utilize the two optional side-mounting holes in the base to enhance an already secure mount for this light.

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