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Introducing SquatchBoxx Coolers; much like the other premium big name coolers without the name brand prices. It has a refrigerator style gasket, thick Rotomolded Polyethylene exterior and pressure injected Polyurethane foam core. Hinge pins are stainless steel, and latches are rubber. Has built in handles and includes a carrying strap to facilitate transport to your favorite party spot with ease!


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  • SquatchBoxx

    SquatchBoxx Beer Can Qoozie

    Have you always hated when you get sidetracked while relaxing with your favorite frosty, only to realize you were thirsty and subsequently disappointed when your beverage is now luke warm at best, well fear no longer.Introducing our latest product, the...

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  • Squatchboxx LNCHBXX

    The Squatchboxx LNCHBXX is the go to for your daily needs for both work and play. Need a great place to store your food & drinks while at work? Look no further than the LNCHBXX to fill that duty as well as provide a great place to sit and enjoy yourself...

    MSRP: $218.99
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  • SquatchBoxx

    SquatchBoxx RDTRPPR

    Travel Smarter With the RDTRPPR CoolerWhen it’s time to load up for the long haul, reach no further than the RDTRPPR to get you through your next road trip adventure. Whether it is your family’s annual camping trip, or your quest to find the next hidden...

    MSRP: $395.00
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