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About Baja Kits

Baja Kits creates unique suspension products for 2wd and 4wd trucks. At Baja Kits, we build suspension products that will increase clearance for larger tires but we don’t make “lift kits.” Our goals are much higher than simply making parts that “fit” on your truck. Baja Kits will maximize your vehicles suspension function without compromising safety or performance. Baja Kits uses the latest tools and design technologies to engineer suspension systems that seriously enhance your trucks capabilities. Baja Kits relies on the same quality materials, meticulous hand built construction and proper suspension geometry that Trophy Truck and Unlimited Open Wheeled race vehicle designers at Brenthel Industries use.

Some kits on the market do little to enhance your vehicles performance; they are made for looks. In fact, they can degrade the safety and handling of your truck and lead to premature wear and/or damage to your suspension components. Instead of compromising your truck, why not enhance it with a Baja Kit. Baja Kits offer many fine products like fabricated uprights, upper control arms and complete bolt-on long travel suspensions for 2wd and 4wd trucks.

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